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It cannot be denied that the game has been with humans for a long time. Try to notice yourself that since I can remember, we have seen the game through our eyes a lot. Time has passed until today, many people have grown into adults, some of them entering the number 4, number 5 still playing games. It seemed to have become a part of life. For today, I would like to introduce 10 online games 2022. Many people play, both on mobile phones and computers. Which games are worth playing? Follow up to update.

Top 10 Hit Mobile and PC Online Games 2022


It’s a very popular gacha game. You’ll have to play every game mode to unlock and power up more than 450 characters. The story has 12 chapters and 7 levels. Be amazed by the stunning 3D graphics. The goal is to level your character to the maximum level.

2. Genshin Impact (Mobile)

2 Genshin Impact (Mobile)
2 Genshin Impact (Mobile)

Genshin Impact is an open-world anime action RPG adventure game where players must slash and dodge enemy attacks. The game tells the story of a brave person who enters another world. Players will be transported to the land of fantasy winds. Enjoy the exciting story of adventure.

3. Elvenar (Mobile)

It is a popular city building game that many people like. Enjoy the idea of ​​how you will develop your city. How to trade resources with other players to make it worthwhile? Use your imagination and thoughts all the time. You can choose whether you play as an elf or a human.

4. CALL OF DUTY (Mobile)

4 CALL OF DUTY (Mobile)
4 CALL OF DUTY (Mobile)

Renowned for being known worldwide for its CALL OF DUTY battlefield. With life and death at stake, all eyes, sensory, listening must always be alert if you think of surviving everything looks beautiful, moving smoothly, not losing the console game.

5. Grid Autosport (Mobile)

For anyone who is a speed fan, don’t miss Grid Autosport , a Formula One racing game that has made a name for speed enthusiasts since console games. Has been adapted to make a mobile game perfectly. You will find luxury custom cars. The excitement of the game, the sound of pipes, the sound of tires while braking. It’s like entering a real competition field.

6. V Rising (PC)

V Rising (PC)
V Rising (PC)

V Rising is an online survival game. Players must build a home, find food, while eliminating monsters. The interesting thing about V Rising is that we have to take on the role of vampires, sucking the blood of living beings in order to survive.

7. LEGO STAR WARS The Skywalker Saga (PC)

LEGO STAR WARS The Skywalker Saga Action-Adventure game It will take you deep into the world of sci-fi fantasy in Lego style. Adapted from the famous Star Wars movies, all 9 sectors can be played by all ages. The game focuses on lighthearted humor. Complete the main missions that have been assigned to you. The game’s graphics are well made, as if watching fine animations.

8. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (PC)

The Wonderland of TINY TINA is an intense 4-player FPS RPG Looter Shooter. Do missions, hunt monsters, hunt for items. Fight powerful bosses If you’ve ever loved Borderlands, this is a must-see game.

9. Elden Ring (PC)

9 Elden Ring (PC)
9 Elden Ring (PC)

Elden Ring is an action RPG full of fun, excitement, mystery and danger. The dungeons are vast, complex, and the atmosphere of the game is oppressive. Uncomfortable, like being in that scene by yourself. The picture is beautiful. Anyone who is an action RPG game fan must try to find it.


Lost Ark is a Korean Action RPG game. That created a phenomenon with over 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam, considered the 2nd place in Steam history. It is a PC game that makes it feel like Diablo. Battle, graphics, effects can be made. exquisite So perfect that there is no such thing as boredom.

  • And all this is, update 10 online games 2022, a lot of players, both on mobile and computer, already bundled in this article. Any gamer who likes any style can try to download or buy a stream to play. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
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