Understanding YouTube Marketing

YouTube is arguably the most popular site on the Internet. Everyone goes to YouTube to check out a TV episode missed, a video guide on how to cook a favorite dish, or just get laughs from one of the many funny viral videos saturating the worldwide web. It was only a matter of time before marketing teams started to exploit the massive popularity of this site.

Because the Internet is a relatively new marketing platform, analysts had to revise traditional marketing techniques. Internet marketing is now more efficient, less pricey, and more widely applicable. Unlike the limited impact of costly TV ads, billions of people can now see an advert on YouTube.

The frequency of exposure is also fascinating. In the past, you would pay a small fortune to have your ad aired at key times, and it would reach people in your area, but now, the whole world is watching. The sky really is the limit.

Are there any figures on YouTube usage? How would you like to market something to 720 million users a year? In the days before the Internet, marketing to such a huge group of people would have been impossible

Numbers like this are sign of how popular YouTube has become. Google, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular sites in the world. More and more people are accessing YouTube from the mobile phones.

One YouTube marketing strategy that really works is viral video advertising. The term refers to a video that spreads across the world, much like a rampant computer virus would. Viral advertising tries to spread across the world as rapidly as possible.

In some cases, the videos spread so quickly that they begin to appear under different names and searches. In the case of really viral videos, the video is distributed so quickly that the owner or creator of the video cannot even control the spread. Many of the best viral videos are still being shared right now, and they do not look as if they will ever stop.

This basic principle of marketing spreading far and wide is not actually all that new. It is called word-of-mouth marketing, which is definitely a precursor to viral marketing. Word of mouth, as the name suggests, is when you tell everyone you know about a wonderful product, service, or experience that you discovered.

It is impossible to predict whether or not a video will go viral. Some of the biggest viral videos are the silliest ones. More provocative videos, with serious messages and subject matter, can also go viral.

Videos, and the society that ingests them, have no rules about what they share. YouTube tips may be helpful or not at all. You have to make use of YouTube as a marketing platform – it will change the way you reach your audience.

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