Tutorial to recover deleted photos

Q: okay I learned backup everything the hard way, while I was asleep, my baby boy sneaks in and manages to delete all the photos from my android, what can I do, maybe farm out the boy as a developer, but right now I need to know if it is even possible to recover the deleted photos, I failed to find any place on my android that resembles the recycling bin on my computer, what should I do to recover the deleted photos, please help.

Before you hit the red panic button, you should be informed that there’s a good chance the deleted photos are sitting somewhere on the memory card, they are deleted, but not permanently erased, a delete command only flags the photos as no longer needed, and give the os the permission to use the place where the deleted photos occupies to store new files. Right after the deletion, if no new data taken, the photos are perfectly recoverable, after that, every files saves on the card/built-in hdd decrease the chance of a full recovery, and may make certain deleted pictures beyond repair since their place on the storage has already been overtaken by new data.

So, stop using the android/camcorder/camera already when you have deleted photos to recover. Avoid any thing that will write data to the storage, snapping a photo, transferring a movie… then follows the guide below to recover deleted photos.

Guide about how to recover deleted photos

Download deleted photo recovery, the software supports to recover deleted photos from multiple types of storage/devices, recover deleted photos and videos from sd card/ flash memory/hard drive, recover deleted photos and videos from android, HTC EVO, JVC camcorder, Nikon d3100 and other devices alike
Recover deleted photos

Connect your device with computer, launch the software

Select drive, the card/drive of your device should be allocated the drive letter “removable drive”
select photos

Click scan, scanning process may take a while if you are a photo fanatic.

After that, the software presents the results, photo, video and audio files organized by file extensions, most photos taken by smartphones, camcorder, cameras are in jpeg format, also raw for dslrs.

Locate the photos you’d like to have back
photo recovery

Recover deleted photos

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