Tourist Attractions Colorado- Some of the Best Places to Go

Variously named attractions act like magnets to people from all over the world and you cannot have a boring day as long as you are in Colorado. But aside from the usual peaks and springs, there are also odd sights which nevertheless are attracting visitors in droves. Among these is a live hanging that you can witness and photograph in Cannon City. There is no need to be tense as you are watching it, though, as it is just a reenactment of how justice was done during the frontier days. If you are not satisfied with one hanging, you can stay around for another show which runs for around thirty minutes.
A park where everything you see has been fashioned out of recycled metal farm tools is also one of the popular tourist attractions Colorado is known for. The junk park is located in Cheraw and is composed of twisted metal creations in the likes of John Wayne, John Elway and Fidel Castro. There is also a replica of the Eiffel Tower that rises up to forty feet. You can go there with your partner with a bottle of some vintage wine and pretend that you are actually in Paris.
Nature will take a call anytime you are at it though; and when you want to have a different toilet experience, you have got to go to Crested Butte, where you can find a two-storey outhouse that has been a local landmark since the mid-1800s. But although it is fine to go around the first and second floor of the bathroom, it is advised that you keep yourself out of the basement.
There are so many tourist attractions Colorado is famous for, but for starters, these few attractions would serve you well. The most important thing is that you plan your time well so as to have ample time for each tourist attraction site that you decide to visit at Colorado.

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