Touch Up The Paint On Your Lexus

Lexus is a luxury vehicle manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Introduced to the public in 1989, it is sold all over the world, and is Japan’s largest selling premium car.

If you own one of these vehicles, eventually there will come a time when you may need to use some Lexus touch up paint to remove minor scrapes or scratches on the finish. The good news is, each Lexus model has touch-up paint that is a perfect match to the vehicle’s original color, that is available from dealers in the form of sprays, pens and other products.

Using these do-it-yourself repair kits will save you from having to pay a professional body shop to have the work done. Indeed, even if there is a wide area of the car’s surface that needs to be painted you can purchase the paint in two-ounce size spray bottles and use to effectively cover the damaged area.

To assist you in finding the right color paint for your vehicle, there is a color ID plate on the jamb of the driver’s door with a three-digit code that could be a combination of numbers and letters. Just take the code to a dealer and you will be sold the exact color match for your vehicle.

Remember, however, when purchasing Lexus touch up paint, make sure you get the right gradient, so you will not be dissatisfied with how the job turns out. After making sure you have the right color, try and find an effective way to apply it to the vehicle. One method ?? to paint in the direction the scratches take to ensure the paint is evenly spread.

First, you must clean the area you wish to restore before applying Lexus touch up paint to your car. A wax remover is quite effective for achieving this. Apply a few thin coats to build up the damaged area to the same height as the rest of the surface. Let the paint dry for between ten and twenty minutes after each application. When you are satisfied that the paint has dried thoroughly, apply a clear coat layer to finish the job.

Rubbing compound also will help your Lexus touch up paint repair to look like the original paint. But you must allow the clear coat to dry for a few days before using it. Apply the compound with a clean, soft cloth, and buff to a high gloss.

To find your color of Lexus Touch Up Paint all you need to do is visit You can order it in brushes, pens, and spray cans.

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