Top things to look for while hiring WordPress developers

Oh would it not have been wonderful if you could simply hire WordPress developers from India and throw all your worries to the wind? But then what is easily is not necessarily easily done. And most of the companies who have been lured by cheaper rates and false promises have come to realize the need for selecting the right offshore WordPress development company. Having burnt their fingers they can be skeptical and not outsource their projects to India anymore or having learnt the hard way they would do a thorough background check and only then outsource their projects. In either case the customer searches for a better alternative to it growing business need.

There are a number of companies all over the world who have various levels of expertise in developing WordPress applications and the customer who is not necessarily much into software development would be gullible enough to choose a vendor who over promises and under delivers. Some of the common development services offered by these companies are WordPress installation & setup services, Custom CMS development, custom WP plugin/widget development services, WP 3rd party plugin customization, WordPress theme development services, WP 3rd party theme customization and integration, WP template design, WordPress mobile template design, WordPress web services for native mobile applications development, WP xml-rpc services used for implementation and customization for flash, iPhone, ipad etc., WordPress multisite and WP multiuser services, WordPress multi language support services, WordPress troubleshooting and support services, porting and migration services, installations, upgrades & maintenance services.

Businesses irrespective of whether they are operating in industries such as Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, E-commerce, Real Estate, Media and Publishing, Sports and Recreation, Entertainment, Non-profit, Information Technology and Mobile Apps development to name a few need to have a CMS that is search-engine friendly and easy to use. It fits the bill perfectly and hence is the most sought after blogging platform and favored CMS. Hence if your core competency is not software development then there is no point trying to develop applications all on your own. Outsourcing the work may seem as the most plausible and cost effective method to get your work done.

Instead of blindly seeking out to hire WordPress developers from India based on the lower rates they quote, it would actually turn out to be more cost effective for you if you seek the development services of a professional WordPress development company. The surety of services and quality of work offered by such professional software development companies weighs more than the cheaper rates offered by some other companies. The way professional WordPress development companies handle a project with up-to-date status of the project and regular team meetings to keep the customer abreast of the happenings on the software development aspects is not found in the inferior counterparts. In fact, there are companies with skilled WordPress developers in India such as Mindfire Solutions who have actually rescued more than 30 companies from offshore failure.

To know more about our expertise in application development in WordPress, please feel free to visit our WordPress Customization Services page and to hire WordPress developers for your requirements, please contact us at sales at mindfiresolutions dot com or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to assist.

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