Top Reasons Why You Salesforce CRM Customization Is Easy

Each business has certain things unique about the way it does business. Your business may be different from your competitors in terms of your business model, business processes, product or service differentiators, etc. Customizing your CRM to embrace this uniqueness is essential to your success.

You will of course want your CRM solution to adapt to this uniqueness inherent in the way you do business (and not the other way round). A good CRM is designed with the above in mind. Salesforce CRM is hence immensely flexible by design and can be made to perfectly fit the contours of your unique business needs. You can powerfully customize and extend Salesforce development India the way you like depending on your evolving business needs.

If there is anything worse than an un-customized CRM, it is a CRM incorrectly customized for your business. Limited customization options offered by some CRMs can prove to be a severe handicap. One may have to settle for mismatched functionality leading to confusion and impaired productivity. Thankfully, with Salesforce, an ill-customized system is a thing of the past. Powered by platform, it offers you virtually limitless ways to customize and extend your Salesforce-CRM to suit your current and evolving needs.

The platform provides the option of point-and-click configuration for basic customization needs and a full developer toolkit for more powerful custom application development and integration needs.

Salesforce Customization: Point-and-Click Configuration
If you are an administrator or power user with an understanding of CRM and the Salesforce system, you can make a wide range of preliminary customizations yourself using the point-and-click interface. You can configure the attributes or metadata associated with the application’s objects without programming. Since users cannot change core code and work within Salesforce CRM’s metadata framework, customization done this way doesn’t affect application integrity. Here are some samples of what you can do with point-and-click customization:

Add your organization logo.

  • Customize your personal information; add, remove, or reorder application tabs.

  • Customize CRM’s tabs and page layouts for everyone in your organization.

  • Create custom fields to track information you deem necessary (e.g. a contact’s nickname, preferred mode of contact, etc.).

  • Create custom web tabs to view web pages you use frequently without leaving Salesforce CRM (e.g. your company’s intranet or a wiki).

  • Create custom object tabs to manage information that is important for your business (e.g. ad price records for an advertising business).

Salesforce Custom Development: Customization at Coding Level
If you want to take your CRM customization beyond adjusting layouts and creating fields, you can use, Apex, Visualforce, triggers, advanced workflows, etc. to powerfully customize and extend Salesforce CRM. You can customize and/or extend almost every aspect of your CRM to make it fit your way of doing business. Here expert development service providers can help you customize CRM for your unique business needs in the most optimal and powerful ways.

Salesforce Development Service Providers
Expert development service providers like Mindfire Solutions, backed by years of experience in Salesforce customization and development, can help you leverage CRM’s true power for your business.

If you want to customize or Hire Salesforce developers and need some development help, get in touch with Mindfire today – call 1-248-686-1424 or email sales[@]mindfiresolutions[.]com – to leverage the strong track record and solid experience of Mindfire’s Salesforce Application development to personalize and extend capabilities and build cloud apps.

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