Top health botanical slimming food materials

The recommendation reasons: in China folk have “small ginseng (ginseng food)” the laudatory name, pump also have “winter eat turnip summer eat ginger,” said. Carrot contains rich carbohydrate and a variety of vitamins, of which the content of vitamin C than pears 8-10 times higher. Turnip contains no oxalic acid, not only with the calcium combined with food not, is more advantageous to the absorption of calcium.

The best way to eat: h1 leaves near the part, tastes sweeter, spicy less, and water the most, should a raw food, in order to make a salad or cold as good; Among the areas, Essen and sweet taste degree equal, pump used to boiled, steamed or boil stew the most suitable for; The last one, is fiber most places, and Michael Essen flavor is extremely strong, suitable to fry or Fried.

Optimal collocation: winter people for against the cold, often eat meat is more, eat meat is easy, easy to lose. Tie-in cool turnip can play the cool and  fruta planta    refreshing, detoxification, spent role.

The first fruit: hawthorn

The recommendation reasons: winter is hawthorn listed season, hawthorn both food and drug, with appetizers, the food, the effect of promoting blood circulation, modern medicine research proof, hawthorn contain folic acid, apple (apple food) acid, pump ascorbic acid organic acid, these organic acid can increase the secretion of digestive enzymes.

The most prominent hawthorn are the benefits of prevention and cure cardiovascular disease, because the hawthorn contain falconoid, cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, softening vessels and calm have certain effect.

The best way to eat: hawthorn raw eliminates body fat; pump decrease adipose absorption effect, and reduce weight of the people can eat more. Use hawthorn do soup or tea, suitable for poor appetite of the population.

Optimal collocation: cook hawthorn soup or use hawthorn to make tea, best definitely collocation, fruta planta reduce weight     can play the role of lowering blood fat.

The first drink: brown sugar water

The recommendation reasons: the cold winter rubbing emphasized, the pump is drinks for, and brown sugar water is the best temperature dietary supplements.

Brown sugar “Oriental chocolate” reputation, its advantage is to “temperature and the temperature and the patch, the temperature of the scattered,”, have scattered cold, warm to change the spleen, stomach pain relief effect, pump and contain rich calcium, iron (iron food), and other human body essential minerals and trace elements.

The best way to eat: brown sugar water must cook it. Will brown sugar boil water to drink with brown sugar than direct water brew more easily absorb the nutrients, and more of the spleen qi, fill in beneficial stomach, warming the effect of the stomach.

Optimal collocation: cooked brown sugar water, pump can add a small piece of ginger, botanical slimming will take to join can break the ginger, and brown sugar together for about 10 minutes, finally the ginger salvage, rubbing work better. Also it can join Chinese wolfberry, red dates or red bean boiled together, favorable water diuresis effect.
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