February 7, 2023

TOP Game In | September 2022 | Smartphone Games

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I will introduce smartphone games carefully selected from various genres in a ranking the world for September 2022
5.The Grand Mafia

5.The Grand Mafia

In order to solve such problems, this time, I will introduce smartphone games carefully selected from various genres in a ranking format by the author who specializes in smartphone game reviews!

All of them are the most interesting works , so after reading this article, you will find and play the game that is perfect for you .

Introducing the latest recommended games

“Clover Theater (Kurosia)” is the latest RPG game from NetEase Games, famous for “Wilderness Action” and “Identity V Fifth Personality”!

A story about becoming a member of the Clover Theater Troupe and unraveling the mysteries of another world with charming monster girls! The full-auto battle, which shines with pre-arranged strategies, is spectacular, including powerful skill animations!

A completely original story with over 1.2 million characters will draw the player into the world of Crosia.

fullmetal alchemist mobile

“Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile (Hagamova)” is a tactical RPG where you can enjoy the world view of the popular comic “Fullmetal Alchemist” on your smartphone!

With smooth 3DCG and full voice acting by gorgeous voice actors, you can enjoy the world of the original Of course, both those who know it and those who don’t know it can enjoy it!

Battles where you can enjoy deep strategy on a field separated by squares will undoubtedly increase your tension with powerful battles such as skills that make full use of alchemy.

Top Game Best Smartphone Games Recommended Ranking

1st place Orient Arcadia

“Orient Arcadia” is a fantasy RPG set in the world of the Three Kingdoms where you can save the world with heroes!

The biggest feature of this work is the system that strengthens the placement squares and the place where even low rare characters can be trained to the highest rare !

The system that can strengthen the placement square does not require each character to be trained, and all equipment and levels can be inherited just by placing it on the strengthened square, so it is very easy to train.

Also, I’m a little lonely because my favorite character is a low rarity.

In this work, where “all heroes are the main characters” , you can raise any character to the highest rarity by repeatedly training them.

Let’s adventure the epic story modeled on Sangokushi with unique characters!

2nd place Kenkado -National Delinquent Ranking

2nd place Kenkado -National Delinquent Ranking
2nd place Kenkado -National Delinquent Ranking

“Kenka Dou” is a new Yankee RPG where you aim for the pinnacle of delinquents all over the country!

In this work, “bad” and “fighting” are themes, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of an outlaw!

It’s fun to kill the yankees in Tokyo with “Suppression” that you can enjoy solo, or cooperate with your friends in “Alliance” to fight through conflicts, or find friends in chat !

You can freely customize your avatar, and you can dress it up as you like, such as adding items such as badass hairstyles, costumes, and motorcycles.

Since we hold collaborations with gorgeous celebrities and gorgeous gacha events every day, it is also a point that it is kind to no charge.

3rd place Evertale

“Evertale” is a breeding RPG that allows you to adventure with monsters caught in the middle of the adventure.

The biggest feature is that you can catch wild monsters, nurture them and go on adventures together ! There are also monsters that can evolve, and there are about 300 types in total .

A battle system full of strategy that makes full use of this work’s unique time unit (TU), you can enjoy a deep battle where all the elements of the character’s skills and abnormal conditions affect the outcome of the battle

You can enjoy two stories, “offline” where you can freely go around the field and “online” where you progress through a map like Sugoroku, and the story with volume is also a highlight

Experience the royal road training RPG, where you can feel the gap in a good way with the content of the advertisement

4th Life After

4th Life After
4th Life After

“Life After” is a survival MMORPG where you survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies with over 200 million downloads worldwide!

Above all, the feature is that there are craft elements such as collecting building materials such as wood to build your own house (base) and making tools with materials !

The fact that you can freely do what you like without being bound by the story is also a highly rated point! Of course, zombies will appear, so it’s nice to have a sense of tension in battles using weapons!

When you think of MMORPGs, you tend to think of fantasy worlds, but it’s also fun to travel through the vast post-apocalyptic world, just like in the eccentric “Life After”

5.The Grand Mafia

“The Grand Mafia” is a mafia strategy game where you become a mafia boss and create your own organization and expand your territory.

The biggest feature is that you can enjoy the royal road strategy game with the world view of the mafia !

Summoning heroes and minions to conquer enemy territories, building resource-producing facilities, and watching your organization grow stronger is a blast.

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