Top DVD Maker For Mac To Burn Tons Of iTunes Movies To DVD Freely

“Does anybody know how to burn an itunes movie to DVD?

I can’t find a way to burn my movies to DVD. I guessing there is a way to do this, since it would be idiotic of itunes to think I would want to watch my movies ONLY on my ipod. Do any of you know how to do this?”

“How can I burn iTunes movies to DVD on Mac?

In my iTunes liberary, there are many movies which i’m not willing to delete. Thus I need a way to burn iTunes movies to DVD on my Mac. How can I do that?? I need you help, thank you very much.”

One day you suddenly found tons of gems you’ve picked but hope to save them to other safe place for not to take so much space in your storage. Then burn to DVD is a good solution for these movies, so you can move them to any DVD player, Apple TV display not just to be limited on your PC screen.

Doremisoft DVD Maker for Mac specializes in burning videos to DVD Disk. It supports importing dv, wmv,3gp, mov, vob, mpg, asf, flv, avi, rm, rmvb, mp4, mkv, mka, m4v, ac3, tod, mod movie formats to output DVD for DVD 5 and DVD 9 Disk.

Before burning to DVD you also can edit your video, In trim option, you can clip the video duration; in Customizable Menu Templates option, it allows you to set up personalized background image, background music, Menu Title, Button Style and Frame. After do these wonderful setting you are able to preview the effect. Doremisoft DVD Maker for Mac mainly work for non-protected iTunes movie.

With Mac DVD maker, you can do things bellow on mac:

1. Burn YouTube Video to DVD

2. Burn iTunes movies to DVD

3. Burn QuickTime MOV to DVD

4. Burn AVI files to DVD

5. Burn iPhoto Slideshow to DVD

6. Burn MKV to DVD on Ma

7. Burn MOD movies to DVD

8. Burn JVC MOD movies to DVD

9. Burn Sony HDR CX files to DVD

10. Sony DCR Video to DVD

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