Toms leopard

Winter is coming, Most of the country are so cold. As for the popular of the toms shoes cheap in these years, Even the winter too. So many people also like to wear toms indoor. But in this year. Toms wrap boots are popular now. This boots are are popular and keep warm then shoes. So many womens would like to wear toms wrap boots in winter. Including the superstar.

Although we love the original TOMS Shoes with cheap price, I am even more excited about their Wraps Boot. Although TOMS seems to make the selling point that they’re Vegan (yum, vegan shoes!), I think the selling point is the WRAP.You don’t pull these boots on, you WRAP them on like an ACE bandage, inspired by horse leg wraps, which is apparently a Argentinean polo thing.You can wrap these high or low, thick or thin, right over your calves or over your skinny jeans or over your tights. Though they do come in the regular colors (light brown, dark brown, black) they also come in Toms wrap Olive Green boots and Bright Red. They’re flexible (no kidding!), creative, and original.

Not only is The Toms Wrap Boot totally fabulous and super comfortable, but for every pair purchased, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie and team travel to locations in Argentina and South Africa to personally fit and donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

TOMS Wrap Boots are the perfect accessory for the Fall! Now, these Wrap Boots are not new to the TOMS Fall Collection but, they are an essential. Since the launch of the cheap toms in 2008 they quickly earned their place in the TOMS Shoes family! Now in their third season the wrap boots come in many color choices but still the same unique style we all love! Wrap Boots are available year-round but don’t wait get your TOMS in case they run out!

When we found these Wrap Boots from footwear venture TOMS, we quickly went from feeling incredulous (what will fashion think of next?) to entertained (see telenovela style promotional video for the boots below) to inspired.

Inspired because classic TOMS shoes , known for its founder’s campaign to match every sold pair of shoes with a donated pair to impoverished communities in the developing world, is using the Toms Wrap Boot to fight Podoconiosis disease in Ethiopia. Podo causes debilitating disfiguration to victims’ legs as a result of barefoot exposure to soil-borne fungus in areas of farming.You can learn more about TOMS campaign against podo in this video.

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