To reach your goals it takes 1 hour at a time. 3 times a week

There are 168 hours in a week.  672 hours in a month.  8064 hours in a year…and all you need to reach life-changing results is:

Only 3 of the 168 hours in a week

Only 12 of the 672 hours in a month

Only 144 of the 8064 hours in a year


What is that as a percent? Less than 1% of your total time on planet earth.

That leaves you 99.98% of your time to ENJOY your Slimmer, Stronger, and Sexier BODY.  Does that seem like a good investment or what?

Are you willing to trade less than 1% of your time to shed those stubborn 10 pounds?

How about visible abs?

What if you could reduce stress and sleep more?  Less than 1% still…

Less than 1% of your total time is all it takes to achieve the following:

Absurd amounts of fat loss

Firm and tone full body results

Stress relief and reduction

Long-term health improvements (get blood work done before and compare…trust us)

Become better at your sport and crush your competition

Feel good physically and feel good about yourself. A HUGE confidence booster

Achieve goals.  Feel good about them and reap the benefits.

If you still can’t see the value of trading 1% of your time for any of the above benefits than we are not the right gym and program for you.  We wish you the best of luck with whatever program you do decide.

It’s time to join others in that same fight.

Every single person training at The Training Box started right where you are today (some further behind).

It’s time to try a Free CrossFit class..


You hold the key to your destiny.  Only YOU can make a change.

And it is WAY easier than you think…

Try a 100% free class and give yourself a FIGHTING chance to make a real change in your life…

Contact us today and try a completely Free Trial CrossFit Class: 239-362-3508 – [email protected]

The Training Box and CrossFit Estero is a CrossFit and MMA gym consisting of 6000 sqft of functional training space, MMA mats and bags, Olympic bumper plates, and much more. 

We are a class-based facility with a full AM and PM class schedule.

Mission: Our mission is to pursue excellence in CrossFit Fitness and coaching human movement.  To foster a community of like-minded individuals who love to train, compete, and play.  There is no ego or judgment in our community.

The Training Box Core Culture: Master the basics, Attack your weaknesses, and seek virtuosity in gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting, rowing, running, and mobility.  Be smart with your recovery, learn new sports, live and laugh. Eat Clean.

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