Tips to pick massage insurance coverage

As a business savvy massage therapist or bodyworker, you probably have a good grasp on all the reasons you need to secure massage insurance coverage for your practice. What you may not quite know is how to choose the right policy and make sure you get the most for your money. Here, we will briefly summarize the key reasons hands on practitioners need massage insurance coverage in the first place, then provide a few tips on picking the right policy.

For those of you who are still struggling to understand why a healing and noninvasive practice such as massage therapy would ever need something like liability insurance, the main reason can be summed up in two words—accidents happen. When you are running a business where clients are coming to you for your services, you need protection against the rare but possible accidents that could take place on your property or during the session.

Massage insurance coverage is designed to provide that protection. This type of policy is set up to offer financial coverage in case a client ever claims damage or injury due to something that took place on your property or during the session. This “something” could be anything from slipping on a loose rug in the hallway and suffering a broken bone to experiencing a severe allergic reaction to an ingredient in the massage oil, and nearly any example you can think of in between.

Fortunately, the risk of an accident taking place in the practice of a massage therapist or bodyworker is quite low. This low risk factor is reflected in the low cost of high quality massage insurance coverage. This means that you should be able to get the proper coverage and protection against unexpected accidents for less than a couple hundred dollars per year.

Now that you are crystal clear on why
professional massage therapists and bodyworkers need massage therapy liability insurance, you may need a bit of advice as far as choosing the right massage insurance coverage.

The first thing you need to look for are the specific types of liability insurance that fall within the massage therapy insurance. There are three types of liability insurance that should be included in your massage therapy liability insurance policy: malpractice or professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and product liability insurance. Each of these components of your massage therapy liability insurance is designed to provide coverage for different kinds of scenarios, and you need all three.

Malpractice liability insurance is geared toward instances where a client may claim damage or injury due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional practitioner, whereas product liability insurance offers protection in case a client claims damage or injury due to a product used during the session.
As for general liability insurance, this piece of your massage therapy liability insurance policy is designed to cover you in case a client slips, trips, falls or has some other type of accident on the property of your business.

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