Tips to Becoming an eBay Powerseller

If you are looking to make thousand’s of dollars in your extra time, you are probably wondering if this is possible. Well of course it is possible, many people just like yourself have become eBay Powersellers, in a matter of just a few months.
First things first, you need an eBay account. In order to become a Powerseller you have to qualify. The qualifications are:
*Have an Account in Good Standing
*Be Registered for at least 90 Days
*Have Positive Feedback of 98% or higher
*Make a consistant amount of $3,000 per month or 100 sales per month.
*Must follow all eBay Policies
Now that you know what you need to be a Powerseller, even if you are brand new to eBay, does not mean this status can’t be accomplished. It most certainly can, because all Powerseller’s started out just the same. They were once, perhaps starting out just selling some used items from around their home, to build positive feedback. Remember, this is going to be one of the most important things. If you are new to eBay, you will need to earn feedback. Most newbies, will start off by buying some inexpensive items, just to gain some feedback and start out selling slighty used or inexpensive items. These can be anything you find at a garage sale, something you may find on clearance sale, or perhaps something you have in your own home. Remember, sell something in good shape, don’t sell dirty, broken used items. That will only have a buyer want to leave you negative feedback. Be sure, if you can give your customers tracking numbers or let them know when the item was shipped. Also, try to ship in a timely manner.
USPS lets you use free boxes, you can stop at your local post office and pick up the boxes at no charge, or you can order them online. Priority Mail Boxes are free, if you are shipping something smaller, then use First Class. I would suggest this if you are just starting out. Paypal also allows you to ship your own labels. Once you are getting more business, you may then want to look into a Shipping label service provider. Do not over charge on shipping rates either, this will upset the customer. For example, if you charge them $5.99 for shipping, and they see the shipping rate was $1.20, what would your own reaction be. I am guessing, not happy for sure.

Now these are just some of my starter tips, if you would like and are serious about persuing to become an eBay store owner, or Powerseller. The link provided, will bring you to an ebook which will give you more information for a small charge. It is only $4.95, but you can’t go wrong. If you are really interested in becoming a Powerseller, I would suggest you download this ebook. The author of the book is one of the most successful Powerseller’s on eBay and can lead you in the right direction, when it comes to being successful in one of the world’s most populated websites. Download the ebook at,Guide To Become An eBay Powerseller!

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