Tips People Should Know in Using the Weight Loss Creams

In order to play the role of effective ingredients in weight-loss cream on the subcutaneous fat layer, people have to paint it on body part at least one or two times a week and do partial massage to stimulate blood circulation and penetrate it into the stratum corneum. The effect will be better if people do massage first on the part they want to lose fat.


Generally speaking, its effect starts to appear after a few minutes of using and it lasts for several hours. Most creams have the sense of local heat, with the main function of local fat burning. It is to use capsicum or caffeine as main element, and the former is more stimulating and allergic, while the later is more gentle and effective. There are also some creams have the cool feeling, whose role is mainly to tighten skins. If you feel discomfort or have local allergy in the process of using, you need to stop using it immediately and wash away with large amount of water. The average effective time after using is about 48 hours. The caffeine containing in creams could stimulate the fat cells to expel the stored lipids into blood circulation and consume it completely. Of course, another part of moving fat should be consumed by enough exercise. Therefore, it is very necessary to cooperate with responding exercise, and the effect will be very obvious if you use weight loss cream before exercise.


Strenuous exercise consumes the sugar in the blood, while jogging, cycling, swimming, stair climbing and other endurance-type exercises are the best ways to burn fat. The body often starts to release the stored fat half hour after exercise.


The powerful local massage in applying cream is very effective, because the skins will produce a pleasant neurotransmitter which has a natural weight loss effect. The basic massage methods are described in the instruction book in detail.


The persistent use of a kind of weight loss cream could not reduce the skin sensitivity to drugs, for it could only reduce the fat cells’ absorption and storage of fat and lipid. Therefore, it is not suitable to change the brands and types and weight loss creams.


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