Tips on Increasing Followers in Twitter

The popularity of twitter is being increased rapidly as the purpose of appearing on it has been varying. People started creating accounts in twitter with different intentions. Business oriented personalities are now aware of the fact of online presence advantages for their business. According to Internet world stats, with total 444.8% growth since 2000, in 2010 the pc penetration doubled as compare to 2009. Business fellows initiated reaching their targeted audience through internet with different ways. Among them very simple and popular way to get connected with preferred crowd is social networking sites. Among some famous sites, I am going to reveal some tips on twitter which can assist one to get quality and genuine followers.

First of all I am going to start with Beginners of twitter how do you get people to follow your twitter account. When you create an account with twitter, you may not identify anybody on twitter platform and also not having any clue where to initiate. There are many ways to get followers but I am showing you some best practices to increase it. People always appreciate or follow a profile which contains more number of followers. Some proactive business profiles always keep looking for people to follow them and get involved in different activities to get attention. So here they are.

Write on interesting topic and get followers

Target your audience and start writing on the topics regularly which could be interesting for them to read. As people always desire to read news, your article content has to be unique and fresh and has to be understandable for a common man. Thus you can create and connect with the group of general users for your business. Wise commenting on In-demand topics and constant participation on twitter can get you more followers. Keeping in touch with relevant topics by posting, by messages or by placing an applicable link should create a feeling of being a genuine participant can assist you to grow your numbers of followers constantly.

A Smart twitter Profile

A Business oriented profile should always be looked decent in the all manners. While you are focusing any particular Industry on twitter, you should be an iconic for your followers and for that a smart picture of yours is more appreciated instead of any other logo or cartoon. A smart and decent picture may help users to connect you while they are following you. A suggestion to avoid inconvenience to followers is not to change profile picture frequently. According to the kind of followers you are looking for, an appropriate name may also ask people to follow you whether it’s your own name or name related your industry. Name with any industry phrase can help you appearing in search results while certain people search for some industry news or people. My example (Vikesh_SEO) would be wise enough to explain this trick. Being from SEO Industry, I created profile using my name and my own industry so if somebody willing to look at the current trend of SEO and search for SEO in twitter, they will find me in the search result. To create a complete profile, the place you are located at should be mentioned to connect with your followers personally. A small description about you and a link of personal blog gives a final touch to your professional twitter profile. Just to have a look, a decent example of it is “Vikesh_SEO”.

Key points about followers

A common mistake done by many people is to follow the people who are following them. Only quality people should be followed to get relevant news or updates. Just to increase the numbers of followers, never sacrifice quality otherwise your homepage will be filled with some rubbish stuff you are not interested in. If you find any interesting profile and you want him or her to follow you then try to interact with him on the topic of your industry. A quick reply on whatever they said can be observed by them which may lead into one more quality follower. If posted news is good enough to share with your followers then try to retweet it to get attention of users as the user come to know about it when somebody retweet their posts. One step ahead to it if one think deeper, a proactive profile may interact with the people that can influence your desired followers. Trying to build up a strong quality portfolio is time consuming as every smart work. Last important tip to get connected with large audience is to mention your twitter account possibly everywhere you are interacting as like I had given an option to “Follow me on Twitter” on my personal blog. Thus you can connect to a large targeted audience and can expand your business. Twitter has been a very popular tool among SEO Expert to promote services.

Vikesh Pithadiya – An MBA fellow with specialization in Marketing. Promoting and enabling Small Scale Business to compete with giant organization through SEO Services India and Internet Marketing is my mission. A great follower of ethical SEO practice to meet the right audience. SEO Expert India assists small businesses to grow at rapid growth.

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