Tips on how to Install WordPress Onto Your website

At this point, before we continue, let’s talk slightly about WordPress. Until not long ago, I was exclusively creating websites the old manner dirty hands way. But not just did I find it excruciatingly difficult to create, it took up a great deal of of my time and learning.

Starting from WordPress Version 2. 7 onwards. Anyone can install WordPress themes straight through the admin section. Once logged in in the backend, go Appearance –> Add more Themes. From here you can search through WordPress own spine catalogue of templates. After choosing one it’s a few simple clicks together with follow the steps to put it.

Navigate for a website’s cPanel. The easiest way of doing this is to just type your domain in your browser’s address bar with a backslash and the saying cpanel. For example it might look something like this approach: www. YOURDOMAIN. com/cpanel. Once you have typed that in (replacing YOUR DOMAIN using your site of course), hit enter and will also be brought to step a couple.

Log In. Once you have hit enter you will definitely get a pop up which asks for your account. These should be as part of your records from when you opened your hosting account. If you have forgotten or misplaced them you have got to contact Hostgator support.

Find Fantastico. You will see a lot of icons and options after you enter your cPanel. If you do not know what something is usually, don’t touch it. From this cPanel you can perform just about anything you must your site, not all things being good. What you would like is under the header Software/Services and it usually is found near the bottom of the page. You will experience a blue smiley face titled Fantastico De Luxe. Simply click it.

Choose WordPress. Fantastico has a lot of application it can install in your case. In the left sidebar you will realize WordPress near the top notch under blogs. Click on that. New Installation. After you click on that, the page to a good will change and you’ll see a link for New Installation and you will be brought to another cutting edge page.

Incidentally, if it’s your novice inside HostGator control -panel, you might feel there are actually just so many icons everywhere. Don’t worry excessive about them, although HostGator does offer a great deal of options to work with, the truth is there’s only really one or two them that are important. So you don’t ought to absolutely know everything at this point.

Learning how to mount WordPress themes just becomes second nature after a while. Especially once you figure out the WordPress directory shape. Plus don’t forget that whenever you settle on an attractive theme, you rarely change it out again. Everything you need to know to change the physical appearance of your website is done inside “WordPress Admin” (or wp-admin for short), you can access it by typing into ones browser “www. [yourwebsitename]. com/wp-admin” next enter your username/password.

Install. Click install WordPress along with your site will be built. You get an substitute for send the details to your email and I propose doing this as it’ll have your password and username for future reference. That could be it! That is how easy Hostgator makes WordPress assembly. A Number of offers have Fantastico installed, and the method will be the same on all those hosts also. Good luck with a person’s newly installed WordPress site.

As you can discover on the screen you may type in a message or phrase for what you would like, now if you know the name of the plugin you are searching for, enter the name of that plugin. If you are searching to see if there is a plugin to carry out a particular task, enter another phrase. For this example I will enter ‘database backup’ like this is something I have to add to my site. Now click on ‘Search Plugins’.

So there you may have it, you have just installed WordPress onto your website. Cinch huh? I told you it was easy. But hey, one more thing, you’re not finished still, there’s one more thing you bought to know. So now that you have installed WordPress, how would you go about customize your blog, adding content and all the devilish things you should add?

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