Tips on how to copy songs from ipod devices to pc

I got myself a different pc with windows vista in it, when the basic configurations, here comes the main difficulty- my own ipod touch songs. I re-install iTunes on my computer and attempt to synchronize it with my computer, but it really did not work. The particular play list can be another serious problem, a lot of it is mine, as well as some are my best brother’s.I searched Google and read several reviews to be able to copy ipod touch to a new Computer, then I choose Lenogo ipod device to PC Transfer. It’s introduction mentioned that it’s for a lot of frustrated i-tunes consumers that can’t backup files from iPod to their pc since apple itunes blocks. It is exactly what I am searching for. As I notice, iPod to Personal computer transfer isn’t as much as iPod ripping tools. You can find 3 types of ipod touch to Laptop transfer: new iphone 4/iTouch/iPod to Personal computer Transfer, iPhone to Computer transfer, as well as ipod device to Laptop transfer.iphone4/iTouch/ipod device to Computer Transfer is definitely expensive because it includes iphone 4 to Personal computer transfer, iPod to PC transfer as well as iTouch to Laptop transfer, if you have had both, you should try this one. Not every the iphone4 to Personal computer transfer supports ipod touch to PC, so before you buy an iphone4 to Computer transfer to transfer the ipod device, you should read the instruction very carefully. In case you only have an iPod, and you simply want to transfer ipod touch to PC and have the rigorous request of transferring play list, I recommend you buying the iPod to PC transfer for example Lenogo’s.Lenogo ipod touch to Personal computer transfer can work with iPod, iPod Classic, ipod itouch,and so on. The moresingly, the greater professional. Lenogo gives us the most effective example. It is known as the easy-to-use but useful iPod transfer. It’s the should-own software when you re-install your system, buy a new computer or even have a damaged of apple itunes. Some advertisements mentioned “i-tunes says no, we are saying yes”. Now iPod to PC transfer can be a new method of apple itunes’ limitation. Connect the iPod with your PC, operate this software. Simply click “Start”. Almost all will be done without i-tunes.

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