Time Cannot Wait Us to Love Our Parents


Usually we have the heart to love our parents, but we often make mistakes: After I have money, we must love them well; after I bought a big house, I must live with them; through the busy time, I must go back home to see them…


Waiting is a kind of regret, regret cannot be remedied, and the life is also irreparable. Because life has its shelf life!


We cannot wait, it can be said that the time cannot wait us to love our parents. Some people say, when I have much money, I will give a lot of money to my parents, let the elderly sitting in the heap of money and spend casually; when I have money, I will take my parents to travel home and abroad, so that they enjoy their lifetime. I say, it is not possible. When you have enough money, can your parents bite all the food? When you have time, and you want to take them travel the world, can they still go on the plane? When we stop and think properly, in fact, our love towards parents is usually completed by our care to parents in daily life.


You should feel lucky, because you still have parents. However, do you cherish them? In fact, I think that the old man has been eighty years old, how many spring can they live? Do not let your life just leave regret. As the saying goes, “it cannot wait us to love our parents.” Love towards parents cannot be expressed by money. What could they do with so much money? How much could they eat, and how much could they wear? What they lack is to get along with their children and grandchildren.


We should be grateful to the love from our parents. You know how to write the word “Thanksgiving” but cannot realize its true meaning. Since the moment that you were born, your life is devoted with parents’ endless love and blessings, and they hold up a piece of the sky for you. Perhaps, they cannot give us luxury life, but they give us irreplaceable life.


We feel grateful to parents, even if it is a trivial matter, as long as make them happy, that was enough.


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