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ie real tiffany jewelry on sale said. ¨Iˇm hungry. I can heat him a can of Henryˇs chicken if he says it is OK.〃 ¨If it will help to make him talk,〃 Henry said. ¨Of course.〃 ¨It probably wonˇt,〃 Willie said. ¨But itˇs kind of shitty to give him clam broth the way he is. Take him out the cognac, Henry. Maybe he really likes that, like you and me.〃 ¨Donˇt both tiffany silver jewelry er him,〃 Thomas Hudson said. tiffany earrings uk ¨Heˇs a good Kraut.〃 ¨Sure,〃 Willie said. ¨Theyˇre all good Krauts when they fold up.〃 ¨He hasnˇt folded up,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨Heˇs just dying.〃 ¨With much style,〃 Ara said. ¨You getting to be a Kraut-lover, too?〃 Willie asked him. ¨That makes you and Peters.〃 ¨Shut up, Willie,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨Whatˇs the matter with you?〃 Willie said to Thomas Hudson. ¨Youˇre just the exhausted leader of a little group of earnest Kraut-lovers.〃 ¨Come up forward, Willie,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨Ara, take the soup astern when it is warm. The rest of you go watch the Kraut die, if you want. But donˇt crowd tiffany jewelry canada him.〃 Antonio started to follow as Thomas Hudson and Willie went forward but Thomas Hudson shook his head at him and the big man went back to the galley. They were in the forward cockpit and it was almost dark. Thomas Hudson could just see Willieˇs face. It looked better in this light and he was on the side of the good eye. Thomas Hudson looked at Willie and then at his two anchor lines and at a tree he could still see on the beach. Itˇs a tricky sandy bottom, he thought; and he said, ¨All right, Willie. Say the rest of it.〃 ¨You,〃 Willie said. ¨Flogging yourself to death up there because your kid is dead. tiffany jewelry sale Donˇt you know everybodyˇs kids die?〃 ¨I know it. What else?〃 ¨That fucking Peters and a fucking Kraut stinking up the fantail and what kind of a ship is it where the cook is the mate?〃 ¨How does he cook?〃 ¨He cooks wonderful and he knows more about small-boat handling than all of us put together, including you.〃 ¨Much more.〃 ¨Shit, Tom. Iˇm not blowing my top. I got no goddam top to blow. Iˇm used to doing things a different way. I like it on the ship and I like everybody except that half-cunt Peters. Only you quit flogging yourself.〃 ¨Iˇm not really,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨I donˇt think about anything except work.〃 ¨Youˇre so noble you ought to be stuffed and crucified,〃 Willie said. ¨Think about cunt.〃 ¨Weˇre headed toward it.〃 ¨Thatˇs the way to talk.〃 ¨Willie, are you OK now?〃 ¨Sure. Why the hell wouldnˇt I be? That Kraut got m jewelry shop e, I guess. They had him fixed up nice like we wouldnˇt fix up anybody. Or maybe we would if we had time. But they took time. They donˇt know how close we are. But they got to know somebodyˇs chasing. Everybodyˇs after them now. But they fixed him up just as nice as anybody could be fixed in the condition he was.〃 ¨Sure,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨They fixed up those people back on the key nice, too.〃 ¨Yeah,〃 said Willie. ¨Isnˇt that the hell of it?〃 Just then Peters came in. He always held himself as a Marine even when he was not at his best and he was proudest of the real discipline without the formalities of discipline which was the rule of the ship. He was the one who took the greatest advantage of it. Now he stopped, came to attention, saluted, which showed he was drunk, and said, ¨Tom, I mean, sir. He is dead.〃 ¨Whoˇs dead?〃 ¨The prisoner, sir.〃 ¨OK,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨Get your generator going and see if you can get Guant?namo.〃 They ought to have something for us, he thought. ¨Did the prisoner talk?〃 he asked Peters. ¨No sir.〃 ¨Willie,〃 he asked. ¨How do you feel?〃 ¨Fine.〃 ¨Get some flashbulbs and take two, in profile of the face, lying on the stern. Take the blanket off and his shorts off and take one full-length lying as he is across the stern. Shoot one full-face of his head and one full-face lying down.〃 ¨Yes sir,〃 Willie said. Thomas Hudson went up on the flying bridge. He heard the motor of the generator start and saw the sudden flashes of the bulbs. ONI, up where they evaluate, wonˇt believe we even have this much of a Kraut, he thought. There isnˇt any proof. Somebody will claim it is a stiff they pushed out that we picked up. I should have photographed him sooner. The hell with them. Maybe we will get the others tomorrow. Ara came up. ¨Tom, who do you want to have take him ashore and bury him?〃 ¨Who worked the least today?〃 ¨Everybody has worked hard. Iˇll take Gil in and we will do it. We can bury him in the sand just above high water.〃 ¨Maybe a little higher.〃 ¨Iˇll send Willie up and you tell him how you want the board lettered. I have a board from a box in stores.〃 ¨Send Willie up.〃 ¨Do we sew him up?〃 ¨No. Just wrap him in his own blanket. Send Willie up.〃 ¨What was it that you wanted?〃 Willie asked. ¨Letter the board, ˉUnknown German Sailorˇ and put the date underneath.〃 ¨OK, Tom. Do you want me to go In with the burial detail?〃 ¨No. Ara and Gil are going in. discounted tiffany jewelry Letter the board and take it easy and have a drink.〃 ¨As soon as Peters gets Guant?namo, Iˇll send it up. Donˇt you want to come down?〃 ¨No. Iˇm taking it easy up here.〃 ¨Whatˇs it like on the bridge of a big ship like this, full of responsibility and horseshit?〃 ¨Just about the same as lettering that board.〃 When the signal came from Guant?namo it read, decoded, CONT antique tiffany jewelry INUE SEARCHING CAREFULLY WESTWARD. Thatˇs us, said Thomas Hudson to himself. He lay down and was asleep immediately and Henry covered him with a light bla claddagh ring nket. IX AN HOUR BEFORE DAYLIGH antiqu tiffany co e tiffany jewelry T he was below and had checked his glass. It was four-tenths lower and he woke man jewelry his mate and showed it to him. The mate looked at him and nodded. ¨You saw the squalls over Romano yesterday,〃 he whispered. ¨She is going into the south.〃

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