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¨Then do it. Now.〃 ¨But itˇs terribly dangerous now.〃 ¨Do you think there is anyone on this ship that sees us and hears us and knows us that thinks we have not slept together? Do you think the things we have done are any different from that?〃 ¨Oh, of course they are different. There is all the difference. We couldnˇt have a bab tiffany london y from what we have done.〃 ¨Youˇre wonderful,〃 he had said. ¨You really are.〃 ¨But if we have a baby Iˇll be glad. He wants a baby very much and we never have one. Iˇll sleep with him right away and heˇll never know it is ours.〃 ¨I wouldnˇt sleep with him right away.〃 ¨No I suppose not. But the next night.〃 ¨How long since you slept with him?〃 ¨Oh I sleep with him every night. I have to, Hudson. I get so excited I have to. I think thatˇs one reason he plays bridge until so late now. Heˇd like me to be asleep when he comes in. I think he is getting a little tired since we have been in love.〃 ¨Is this the first time you have ever been in love since you married him?〃 ¨No. I am sorry. But it is not. I have been in love several times. But I have never been unfaithful to him or even considered it. He is so good and nice and such a good husband and I like him so much and he loves me and is always kind to me.〃 ¨I think we had better go down to the Ritz and have some champagne,〃 Thomas Hudson had said. His feelings were becoming very mixed. T Tiffany co he Ritz was deserted and a waiter brought them the wine at one of the tables against the wall. They kept the Perrier-Jouet Brut (1915) on ice all of the time now and simply asked, ¨The same wine, Mr. Hudson?〃 They raised their glasses to each other and the Princess said, ¨I love this wine. Donˇt you?〃 ¨Very much.〃 ¨What are you thinking about?〃 ¨You.〃 ¨Naturally. All I think about is you. But what about me?〃 ¨I was thinking we should go down to my cabin now. We talk too much and fool around too much and do nothing. What time have you?〃 ¨Ten after eleven.〃 ¨What time have you?〃 he called to the wine steward. ¨Eleven-fifteen, sir.〃 The steward looked at the clock inside the bar. When the steward was out of earshot, he as tiffany earrings uk ked, ¨How late will he play bridge?〃 ¨He said he would play tiffany jewelry sale late and for me not to stay awake for him.〃 ¨Weˇll finish the wine and go to the cabin. I have some there.〃 ¨But Hudson, it is very dangerous.〃 ¨It will always be dangerous,〃 Thomas Hudson had said. ¨But not doing it is getting to be a damned sight more dangerous.〃 That night tiffany jewelry sale he made love to her three times and when he took her to her cabin, she had said that he shouldnˇt and he had said it would look much sounder if he did, the Prince was still playing bridge. Thomas Hudson had gone back to the Ritz, where the bar was still open, and ordered another bottle of the same wine and read the papers that had come aboard at Haifa. He realized that it was the first time he had had time to read the papers in a long time and he felt very relaxed and very happy to be reading the papers. When the bridge game broke up and the Prince came by and looked into the Ritz, Thomas Hudson asked him to have a glass of wine before he went to bed and he liked the Prince more than ever and felt a strong kinship with him. He and the Baron had got off the ship at Marseilles. Most of the others were going on for the rest of the cruise, which finished at Southampton. In Marseilles he and the Baron were sitting at a sidewalk restaurant in the Vieux Port eating moules marin?s and drinking a carafe of vin ros?. Thomas tiffany jewellery uk store Hudson was very hungry and he remembered that he had been hungry most of the time ever since the cheapest tiffany uk y had left Haifa.  He was damned hungry now, too, he thought. Where the hell were those servants? At least one should have shown up. It was blowing colder than ever outside. It reminded him of the cold day there on the steep street in Marseilles that ran down to the port, sitting at the caf? table with their coat collars up eating the moules out of the thin black shells you lifted from the hot, peppery milk broth with hot melted butter floating in it, drinking the wine from Tavel that tasted the way Provence looked, and watching the wind blow the skirts of the fisherwomen, the cruise passengers and the ill-dressed whores of the port as they climbed the steep cobbled street with the mistral lashing at them. ¨You have been a very naughty boy,〃 the Baron had said. ¨Very naughty indeed.〃 ¨Do you want some more moules?〃 ¨No. I want something solid.〃 ¨Shouldnˇt we have a bouillabaisse, too?〃 ¨Two soups?〃 ¨Iˇm hungry. And we wonˇt be here again for a long time.〃 ¨I should think you might be hungry. Good. Weˇll have a bouillabaisse and then a good Ch?teaubriand very rare. Iˇll build you up, you bastard.ˇ〃 ¨What are you going to do?〃 ¨The question is what are you goin tiffany and co bracelet g to do. Do you love her?〃 ¨No.〃 ¨Thatˇs much better. It is better for you to leave now. Much better.〃 ¨I promised to spend some time with them for the fishing.〃 ¨If it were the shooting it might be worthwhile,〃 the Baron had said. ¨The fishing is very cold and very unpleasant and she has no business to make a fool of her husband.〃 ¨He must know about it.〃 ¨He does not. He knows she is in love with you. That is all. You are a gentleman so whatever you do is all right. But she has no business to make a fool of her husband. You wouldnˇt marry her, woul tiffany inspired jewelry d you?〃 ¨No.〃 ¨She couldnˇt marry you anyway and there is no need that he should be made unhappy unless you are in love with her.〃 ¨Iˇm not. I know that now.〃 ¨Then I think you should get out.〃 ¨Iˇm quite sure that I should.〃 ¨Iˇm so glad that you agree. Now tell me truly, how is she?〃 ¨Sheˇs very well.〃 ¨Donˇt be silly. I knew her mother. You should have known her mother.〃 ¨Iˇm sorry I didnˇt.〃 ¨You should be. I donˇt know how you got yourself mixed up with such good dull people. You donˇt need her for your painting or anything like that, do you?〃 ¨No. Thatˇs not the way man jewelry itˇs done. I like her very much. I still like her. But Iˇm not in love with her and itˇs getting very complicated.〃 ¨Iˇm so glad that you agree. Now where do you think that you will go?〃 ¨Weˇve just come from Africa.〃 ¨Exactly. Why donˇt you go to Cuba for a while or the Bahamas? I could join you if I get hold of any money at home.〃 ¨Do you think you will get any money at home?〃 ¨No.〃 ¨I think I will stay in Paris for a while. Iˇve been away from town for a tiffany inspired jewelry long time.〃 ¨P antique tiffany jewelry aris isnˇt town. London is town.〃 ¨Iˇd like to see whatˇs going on in Paris.〃 ¨I can tell you whatˇs going on.〃 ¨No. I mean I want to see the pictures and some people and go to the Six-Day and Auteuil and Enghien and Le Tremblay. Why donˇt you stay?〃 ¨I donˇt like racing and I canˇt afford to gamble.〃  And why go on with that? he thought now. The Baron was dead and the Krauts had Paris and the Princess did not have a baby. There would be no blood of his in any royal house, he thought, unless he had a nosebleed sometime in Buckingham Palace, which seemed extremely unlikely. If one of those boys did not come in twenty minutes, he decided, he would go down into the village and get some eggs and some bread. It is a hell of a thing to be hungry in your own house, he thought. But Iˇm too damned tired to go down there. Just then he heard someone in the kitchen and he pushed the buzzer that was set in the underside of the big table and heard it burr twice in the kitchen. The second houseboy came in with his faintly fairy, half Saint Sebastian, sly, crafty, and long-suffering look and said, ¨You rang?〃 ¨What the hell do you think I did? Where is Mario?〃 ¨He went for the mail.〃 ¨How are all the cats?〃 ¨Very well. Without news. Big Goats fought with El Gordo. But we treated the wounds.〃 ¨Boise looks thin.〃 ¨He goes out much at night.〃 ¨How is Princessa?〃 ¨She was a little sad. But she eats well now.〃 ¨Did you have difficulty getting meat?〃 ¨We got it from Cotorro.〃 ¨How are the dogs?〃 ¨All of them are well. Negrita is with puppies again.〃 ¨Couldnˇt you keep her shut up?〃 ¨We tried Tiffany Bracelet uk but she escaped.〃 ¨Has anything else happened?〃 ¨Nothing. How was the voyage?〃 ¨Without incident.〃 As he talked, irritated and short as always with this boy who he had let go twice but had taken back each time when his father had come and pled for him, Mario, the first houseboy, came in carrying the papers and the mail. He was smiling and his brown face was gay and kind and loving. ¨How was the voyage?〃 ¨A little rough at the end.〃 ¨Fig?rate. Imagine it. Itˇs a big norther. Have you eaten?〃 ¨Thereˇs nothing to eat.〃 ¨I brought eggs and the milk and bread. T?,〃 he said to the second houseboy. ¨Go in and prepare the caballeroˇs breakfast. How do you want the eggs?〃 ¨As usual.〃 ¨Los huevos como siempre,〃 Mario said. ¨Was Boise there to meet you?〃 ¨Yes.〃 ¨He has suffered very much this time. More than ever.〃 ¨And the others?〃 ¨Only one bad fight between Goats and Fats.〃 He used the English names proudly. ¨The Princessa was a little sad. But it was nothing.〃 ¨?Y t??〃 ¨Me?〃 He smiled shyly and very pleased. ¨Very well. Thank you very much.〃 ¨And the family?〃 ¨All very well, thank you. Papa is working again.〃 ¨I am glad.〃 ¨He is, too. Did none of the other gentlemen sleep here?〃 ¨No, They all went into town.〃 ¨They must be tired.〃 ¨They are.〃 ¨There were

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