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Done.’. The merchant did not seem overly pleased and gestured for the boy, who was sitting against the wall staring into the distance, to saddle up Iza. The boy scrambled to his feet obviously fearful of being beaten if he delayed too long, and began to prepare the horse. Caldess reached into his purse and removed a handful of coins. ‘You are a very rich man I see to be carrying so much money. I am but a poor merchant. Twenty two coins i Tiffany and co canada s a fair price,’ the merchant said, eyeing Caldess’ purse. Caldess did not respond instantly, but handed the merchant his twenty coins. ‘A deal is a deal, and you are richer than me. You still have two more horses and I own nothing else in this world,’ he said coldly. The merchant raised his arms defensively and pocketed the coins as the boy led Iza over. Caldess took the reins from him, whilst the boy looked at Caldess’ leg. ‘Sorry sir. The stirrups are too high. Your legs are longer than I’d thought,’ he said, quickly adjusting them. 255 THE REPUBLIC – CONSPIRACY Caldess stood impassive as this went on, and once the boy had finished he was about to mount when the merchant grabbed his shoulder. ‘Oh no. Can’t ride horses through the town on market day. You’ll have to lead her to the outskirts,’ he said. Caldess sighed, but led Iza away thro claddagh ring ugh the square without looking back. As he led the horse towards the northern road, he noticed something that he had not noticed before. There were guards everywhere. Armed guards, surreptitiously standing around on most corners and in front of certain buildings. Their presence was far greater than he had seen in a town like A wholesale tiffany jewelry grea a decade earlier. It was a bit foreboding and it sent a little shiver up his spine. He thought back to the docks and realised that there too there had been quite a formidable presence. They all wore the black cloaks of the Azalian infantry, and Caldess even noticed several patrols of men marching down streets as he led Iza from the town. Once he had come to a section of road that was no longer cobbled, and instead became a dirt track, he mounted Iza. It was a long and somewhat tedious journey. Once Caldess had gone some way inland, the landscape became flat and boring. The southern parts of the continent were the most fertile farmland and very flat and the country that Caldess rode through consisted of almost nothing but fields and the occasional farmhouse or barn in the distance. He passed several people on the well-trodden roads, mostly wagons carrying goods to the Capital or returning after having sold their produce. Caldess kept his head down and made no eye contact with anyone he passed. He was not sure if he was being paranoid or not, but he thought it best to remain unnoticed. As far as he knew, he was a wanted man, however unlikely it was that anyone would know of it. Towards the end of the day, when the sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon to the west, Caldess saw in the distance something which made him stop dead in his tracks, pulling back on Iza’s reins. She obligingly stopped, and placed her head down to gnaw at a weed that grew by the side of the dirt road. Heading towards him was a group of soldiers on horseback. There were at least ten men and each 256 THE REPUBLIC – CONSPIRACY wore the blue cloak of an Azalian cavalryman. Caldess spurred tiffany rings Iza again, and continued to follow the road in the direction of the approaching cavalry. There was no point in running, as they could already see him quite clearly. In any case, Caldess reasoned, he was doing nothing wrong, just a simple traveller on his way to Vissimo. He had managed to attain small amounts of information from passing merchants durin antique tiffany jewelry g his time on Gerdius. He knew that Marcus was still in power and that the Oratory survived and continued to pass legislation. He also knew that there were rumours of disappearances of the most vocal critics to Marcus’ rule. However, he was unsure if he was breaking some law, or required documentation for his current journey. It was simply a risk he would have to take. Within a few minutes Caldess was within in speaking distance of the cavalrymen, and he raised his arm in greeting, not slowing Iza’s stride in the slightest. The Cavalry Guard, who rode at the forefront of the group narrowed his eyes, and also raised his hand. ‘Citizen, where are you going?’ he called from the other side of the road. Caldess shrugged and tried to appear unconcerned. ‘Vissimo, ultimately. Tonight I will stay in the next inn I come across,’ he replied casually. The Cavalry Guard, who was fully armed and kitted for battle, brought his steed closer to Iza, who stamped her tiffany jewelry sale feet nervously, sensing Caldess’ tension. ‘You are at least two hour’s ride from the nearest inn in Duodus, and the light will not last so long,’ the Cavalry Guard said suspiciously. Caldess nodded and allowed himself a self-deprecating smile. ‘I fear that I have not travelled this way before and may have misjudged,’ he continued amicably. He felt his stomach tie itself into a knot. The Guard nodded at this, and glanced back at the assembled cavalrymen behind him, all of whom were looking straight ahead and seemingly ignoring the exchange. The Cavalry Guard looked perplexed for a moment, thinking hard, before he spoke again. 257 THE REPUBLIC – CONSPIRACY ‘Well, as you know Citizen, I cannot allow you to remain on the road into the hours of darkness. About half a kilometre further down this road there’s a farmhouse, owned by a man named Yaman Cerbol. Eastern tribesman originally I think. He’ll put you up for the night for a few coins,’ Caldess considered this, nodding as the Cavalry Guard spoke. ‘You can actually see it from here,’ the Guard continued, pointing back into the encroaching gloom towards a small house in the distance. Caldess nodded again, still not speaking. The Cavalry Guard seemed bemused by tiffany london his response and shrugged. ‘It’s either that or we escort you back to Agrea where we’re headed. The choice is yours, but I can’t allow you to remain on the roads at night. You should have planned your journey better than that,’ he said. ‘It sounds fine to me. The next path to the left?’ he asked. The Cavalry Guard nodded. ‘A small path runs along the boundary where can you buy tiffany jewelry fence to the house, he brings the wagon up it. I’ll escort you there and set you up for the night,’ he replied. Caldess shook his head and attempted to smile whilst he did so. ‘Thank you, but that’s really not necessary,’ he began, but the Cavalry Guard cut him off abruptly. ‘I think you understand that it is necessary. I’d prefer not to have any problems this evening, but if you insist on making things difficult…’ Caldess swallowed the lump that had grown in his throat. ‘Forgive me. I rarely travel. I thank you,’ he said hastily and the Guard, seemingly satisfied that he had asserted his dominance over Caldess, turned to his men. ‘Remain here, this won’t take long,’ he said to the front cavalryman who saluted his acknowledgement. He then gestured for Caldess to ride ahead, and Caldess did so, feeling the Guard’s eyes on his back as they cantered down the fl jewelry shop at, dirt path towards Yaman Cerbol’s farmhouse. Caldess felt relieved but his heart was still pumping rapidly. The Cavalry Guard obviously 258 THE REPUBLIC – CONSPIRACY had no intention of making things difficult on himself by arresting Caldess for a minor infringement. It seemed to be a routine check by a patrol of cavalry who appeared more motivated to get home on time than anything else. The farmhouse was relatively large and appeared to belong to quite a wealthy man. The Cavalry Guard finally passed Caldess, and called out to the house without dismounting. ‘Yaman!’ he cried, three times until the door finally swung open. A sturdy looking man, with silver hair emerged from the house and squinted into the gloom. ‘Lucas? What is it now?’ he said irritably. The Cavalry Guard, Lucas, gestured to Caldess, ‘A customer for you. He needs a place to stay this evening. I think three coins for a meal and a bed is reasonable, don’t you?’ Lucas said to the aging farmer. Yaman, who had th Tiffany co e obvious traits of an eastern tribesman with his tall frame, dark curly hair and pointed features, nodded submissively. Obviously Lucas had imposed on him before in such a way and he knew better than to argue. Caldess thought that three coins was an excessive amount, but had the sense enough to remain quiet about it. ‘Very well,’ Yaman said, and call tiffany and co bracelet ed back into the house. A young man, maybe twenty years old and with features similar to Yaman’s, emerged from the house looking at the two newcomers icily. ‘Take this gentleman’s horse, he’ll be staying with us tonight,’ Yaman said, gesturing to Caldess. The young man nodded reluctantly and came over, taking the reins from Caldess, who dismounted without protest. Lucas, who was overseeing the whole process, seemed content once he saw Caldess standing on the ground. ‘Very well then. You will pay Yaman three coins for his hospitality and in future make sure you are not caught out on the roads after nightfall. I could by all rights arrest you for that offence.’ Caldess bowed his head respectfully, feeling once again frustrated by his subservience to the Guard. ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience.’ 259 THE REPUBLIC – CONSPIRACY Lucas shrugged and then turned tiffany discount jewellery his horse to gallop back up the nar claddagh ring row path as the young man led Iza away to the back of the house. There was a brief pause, and then Yaman stepped forward, holding out his hand. ‘Yaman Cerbol. Don’t mind Lucas. He likes to think himself more superior than he is,’ the aging farmer said. Caldess took his hand and shook it. ‘Caldess Flaccus. I’m sorry to impose on you in this way,’ he replied, but Yaman shook his head, dismissing his concerns. ‘Never mind that. Come into the house and we’ll get you something to eat. For three coins you certainly deserve it,’ he said, laughing gruffly to himself as he headed back into the house, where candlelight flickered in the lower windows. Caldess followed, annoyed at the unnecessary expense but also relieved that he had not met up with a more vindictive patrol. He settled back in his chair as Yaman looked curiously across the

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