tie guan yin and the tea value

Indoor wilt notes:

Spreading fresh leaves will be taken back to the fence in the wars, the quiet place cool blue frame, turning 2-3 times the withering appropriate uniform, cool blue is generally not separately, but combined with the drying green, its main role: a is the dissemination of leaf water and leaf temperature, so Cha “upturn” to maintain freshness; second, adjustable drying green time, slow down the rate of evaporation drying green, easy rolling green of the day is the lack of fresh leaves drying green, is a remedy. And with every cup of gano tie guan yin tea you drink, you are making it as a healthy habit. Cool blue is moderate: tender green stems full of water, fresh leaf table, no water.

Rolling green fermentation:

Cha-green machine by shaking friction motion, scrape the leaf margin cells, thereby contributing to enzymatic oxidation, so that a series of biochemical changes of fresh leaves. With every cup of gano tie guan yin you drink, you are getting a “caffeine jumpstart” that will last for hours without the caffeine. A rolling green time: by shaking, cold (ie, static and dynamic) repeated 4-5 times, which lasted 8-10 hours, so that leaves the hard-soft (“live to die”), commonly known as the “green consumer” to to achieve “green red trim.”

Rolling green principles:

To grasp the rolling green “step by step” principle. Rolling green revolution by the few, better by the light gradually re force, gradually spread thin by the thick leaves, short time by the older, fermented by the light gradually re. Aside from making gano tieguanyin as a good habit, here are some hints on how you can keep your habit as healthy as possible especially if you are an avid tie guan yin lover. Rolling green “Five to see”: a look at rolling green varieties: thick leaves more shake, jiggle thin leaves, the second season to see rolling green: spring, low temperatures, humidity, summer heat appropriate to re-roll tea high temperature, should jiggle autumn tea required to achieve “Sanqiu” that autumn, autumn too, autumn flavor, it is appropriate jiggle.
In short, the rolling green to do is “eliminate spring, summer and summer wrinkles, keep prison autumn tea.” If you still don’t resort to drinking healthy tie guan yin, always be aware of the caffeine content of your tie guan yin since it varies widely depending on brewing and roasting methods. Third, look at climate rolling green: southerly days, jiggle, the north wind days, re-shake. Four to see rolling green leaf Laonen: fresh leaves and tender, more water, less desirable enough to shake the sun; leaf crude old, less water, sun light more appropriate to shake.
Five degree of drying green to see: rolling green sun green ranging from heavy rock, drying green while in jiggle. And though most research says that drinking 1-3 cups of tie guan yin a day does not seem to have any negative effects in most healthy people, always make sure that you know the level of caffeine intake especially if you are undergoing any medications.
See green “three steps” (see the rolling green that is appropriate): (1) touch: touch the fresh leaves are soft, wet feel; (2) see: to see whether the green to dark green leaf color, leaf form red spots ; (3) smell: smell green gas is dissipated, the fragrance is revealed. Many of these scientists have found that drinking tie guan yins can significantly reduce the risk and effects of the disease.


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