This Spyder Men’s Skiwear brand is a wise business extension

This Spyder Men’s Skiwear brand is a wise business extension, ski jacket high price, people do not know what to wear. join the stars, when the Sundance Film Festival, is also facing the same problem. star facing not only critics, but also deal with the fashion critic of the test. If the sub-zero environment display elegant? If you wear winter clothes do not fit, just saw the famous producer, and the scene more awkward, while the fashionable ski clothes became their choice. a minimum should be £ 700 jacket. ” But the price is often double-edged sword stimulus, businesses need to inject more expensive label behind to win more popular product value. Saks Fifth Avenue department store’s fashion director said: ”

People are eager to ski the slopes wearing clothes either, you can wear everyday, if consumers are willing to invest, they hope that this dress is versatile The. “In February of last year’s New York Fashion Week, Munch (Moncler) shows the latest series  Boolean (Moncler Grenoble), first introduced in a variety of ski clothing and equipment 100 created the new” Alpine Sports “series. Futuristic black jacket, skirt and wool products can be worn on weekdays or movement. ”

Now no one in the 80′s ski wear Spyder outwear, ski wear a combination of performance and fashion more important.” Munch president  said. Kappler also held the same view: “This classic style snow boots, overall design free and easy and generous, light and color and the atmosphere was very in tune with the fall in the usual sense of skiing on the selection made cotton underwear underwear, is not wise, because a good absorbent cotton products, when the body is in motion, cotton will absorb a lot of human sweat

and when the body is at rest, the sweat on cotton products is difficult to evaporate in a short time, attached to the skin cold and cotton underwear will tide the skin surface heat away, gives rise to a feeling of cold, and colds, so you can be a nylon mesh vest with attached dressed, then put one on the outside Stretch cotton vest, so the body through sweat adsorbed on the stretch nylon vest vest on, will not produce a feeling of cold. with the comfort of casual denim shorts, there is a kind of Eskimo boots hair style fashion.

People do not like purely professional Spyder Jackets sports apparel or high-tech clothing. Women want to also sexy on the snow-capped mountains, and not look like a North Pole expedition members, men want to show the tough, cool side. “winter, Luo Nuopi Yena and ski wear brand promise Adams (KJUS) jointly launched a new product. One hundred percent New Zealand wool using these new products, through high-tech laminated with water-resistant, waterproof, breathable properties. In addition, most people thought a little more ski wear, so cold. In fact, skiing is an exciting sport, exercise will naturally produce body heat, especially for beginners can not effectively control the snowboard, exercise more, but too hot to wear thick and mobility. Down through the ski people will immediately realize it’s shortcomings is not waterproof

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