There Are Twelve Defects on the Human Body

It is said that the human body is the world’s most complex, most sophisticated instruments, but “Yahoo” website has reported that all parts of our body have a certain shortage, which impacts our health.


First, our head is afraid to hypoxia. The structure of head makes people not suitable for use in automobiles, aircraft, and on the roller coaster of a high-speed dangling. Once we lack of oxygen, the brains cells will die. Second, eye perspective is too narrow. People want to see anything, so we need light through a small place in the middle of retina, which lead to man’s vision narrower than other animals.


Third, ear hearing is easily damaged. The hair cells in the human ear canal are crucial to hearing, but it is very easy to be damaged by noise, resulting on hearing impairment. But the hair cells of birds can be automatically renewable. Fourth, our mouths miss a filter. People will often be choked, because our mouth will also be the entrance of food and air. If you have a filter before the trachea, we will be able to breathe at the same time to intercept food.


Fifth, extra teeth are useless. Humans have 20 teeth, which is enough, so the wisdom teeth are basically useless. Sixth, neck should be short. The human neck is most vulnerable, but it possesses a very important nervous system. Once these nerves are damaged, the person may be paralyzed. Seventh, health cannot regenerate. The human liver can self-repair, but the heart cannot do so. To allow the heart to have the function of regeneration like liver, it will be an important medical breakthrough.


Eighth, elbow nerve is exposed. A length of nerve near hand elbow is exposed, and it is vulnerable. If it grows inside of the elbow, this problem does not exist. Ninth, appendix is useless but also has inflammation. Once we come up to appendix, we will think of the word “inflammation”, with immense pain. Tenth, the location of genitals is poor. The male’s testicles are exposed, vulnerable to injuries. But the vagina and urethra of female is too close to the anus, likely to be infected.


Eleventh, knee cartilage is easy to be worn, but difficult to repair. Knee is under enormous pressure in a life, and the impact of running and walking will make cartilage wear and difficult to repair itself. Twelfth, foot lacks of shock-absorbing function. The impact caused by the walk will wear the knees and hips. If the sole of feet have a layer of fat or bone collagen, our body is even more perfect.


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