the using and working condition of cell phone jammer can be adjusted

This phone must support fast high-precision real-time location, and asked for the map data and navigation information, so all aspects of performance of real-time navigation system has a very high demand. Local search with the surrounding information: the mobile phone user to carry items, mobile navigation feature is not just limited to simple positioning and navigation, but also can take advantage of the huge backend system geographic information system (GIS) to provide additional functionality. Local information search is more like a mini search engine for users to search the local variety of information. Surrounding the search is to help users understand whether banks, hospitals, restaurants and even KTV, and these places the specific location and so on around them within a certain range. The strong shielding effect, complete using function, unique software control technology make  cell phone jammer  have the higher cost performance compared with the domestic similar products.
Route planning: on the phone to set the departure and destination, the system background planning between departure and destination traffic path. Including the support of a variety of traffic rules (such as single line, forbidding lines), the mobile navigation path algorithm. In addition to the shortest path, but also can provide the shortest time route, the lowest cost route. Positioning platform: positioning platform is a core part of mobile phone navigation system in the background is very different in the different positioning techniques, positioning platform can provide navigation services. In the course of development of positioning technology, has produced a GPS satellite-based positioning scheme, the mobile communication network-based positioning scheme (Cell-ID, AFLT).   cellphone jammer    has fully considered the detailed situation of mobile communication network in whole machine design and function setting.
Several different principles of mixed orientation program (A-GPS) location technology. gpsOne positioning technology and location based solutions, using the auxiliary information from multiple sources. Can improve the sensitivity, accuracy and shorten the time to first fix, to some extent overcome the limitations of traditional GPS. The so-called multiple sources, including auxiliary capture data from the network and the secondary capture data from the server. Which, based on the synchronous network, the data from the client to provide the approximate location of the client and the current time data from the server over the satellite information, the Doppler shift and non-synchronous network. AFLT technology is the use of the entire network of the CDMA network synchronization, you can measure the relative time delay, signal strength and other characteristics.    cell phone jammers    only shields the cell phone signal and does not interfere with other computer, electronic and stereo equipments.
Therefore able to obtain higher positioning accuracy. gpsOne is the integration of GPS and the AFLT the hybrid positioning technology. The terminal development (BREW/J2ME,): With the positioning solution, the next problem to be solved is the terminal support The terminal is the carrier of the business is a key link in the navigation process. Not all mobile phones are able to use the mobile phone navigation services to support the service, to be able to support voice calls, SMS and other basic functions, the phone needs to have the following functions: to support a variety of positioning methods in order to ensure the smooth progress of the navigation. Mobile navigation chip for mobile phones have special requirements, handset manufacturers integrated on the chip positioning module, so the phone can send and receive location information to the location center. Therefore, placing position of    cell phone jammer  should be correctly chosen to avoid the shielding dead zone.
Meanwhile, in order to successfully complete the navigation process, the mobile phone chip must support different positioning in a variety of obscured environments in order to guarantee the stability and normal use of mobile navigation. Local vector map parser, support for special compressed data format, as well as a caching mechanism. In order to reduce the cost of mobile phone users in the data flow, the mobile phone navigation is usually a special compressed vector map formats, vector map parser to parse and display the map. In addition, in order to make the road map to move more smoothly, often terminal need to support the map buffer mechanism. Master the inspection standard of the power supply adapter of    phone jammer    so that the incoming material can better conform to quality requirements of our company.
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