The trends of HD network camera

With the growing popularity and development of video surveillance,network cameras are more used to monitor the system, especially the high-definition era, but also accelerated the development and application of network cameras. Meanwhile, with the growing needs of people, network cameras themselves constantly in technology and performance improvements and upgrading, new technology applications in the rapidly developing. This article from the following aspects of HD camera technology trends analysis.
In the network camera’s image sensor technology development, technical specifications gone from D1 (40 million pixels), 720P (130 million pixels) to 1080P (200 million pixels) the upgrading of technology, apparently HD has become the mainstream demand, future 3000000 , 5 million or even more than ten million pixel HD camera video surveillance project will continue into the application, it is seen more clearly in the pursuit of the road will never stop. Hardware on the image sensor, CMOS CCD continues to seize market share in the era of HD network camera, CMOS has become the mainstream sensors. Meanwhile, CMOS technology also continues to improve, enhance sensitivity, exposure time is shortened, low-light, wide dynamic features such as applications, CMOS CCD advantages relative to the increasingly obvious. CMOS sensor response speed faster than CCD, and therefore more suitable for high-definition monitor features a large amount of data. Pixel size is shrinking, reducing power consumption to miniaturization and low power CMOS image sensor camera will become the core of the mainstream consumer products.
Coding chip market competition has been very intense, the domestic application of more products from TI and Hass, others such as Ambarella, up step, NXP, Trident, Italian law is seldom used. Hass new Hi3518 chip, used in HD network camera, the image quality greatly improved, more cost-effective. The chip manufacturers are constantly improving technologies, such as integrated ISP, optimization algorithms, in order to enhance the video stability, the introduction of more cost-effective products. While H.264 is the current mainstream compression algorithms. However, with the continuous improvement of video resolution, stream bandwidth and storage increasing pressure. H.265 algorithm is representative of the new technology, it has to improve the compression efficiency, reduce delays and other functions. H.265 to limited bandwidth transmission higher quality video, only half the bandwidth of the original to play the same quality video. Can be achieved using the 1-2Mbps transmission speed transmission 720P picture quality, it also means that smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices will be able to directly online play 1080P full HD video. H.265 standard also supports 4K (4096 × 2160) and 8K (8192 × 4320) Super HD video, H.265 video standard for network to keep up with the display “resolution” of the steps. H.265 algorithm applications give video surveillance manufacturers to bring new revolution. ONVIF, PSIA standards and other international agreements committed to global open interface standard to advance network video in the security market applications, these interface standards to ensure that different manufacturers of network video products (network cameras, NVR, surveillance platforms, etc.) with interoperability sex. In the Chinese market has been recognized by more and more enterprises, the national standard GB / T 28181-2011 standard promulgation made more compatible reason for the request. In the next few years, will become a standardized HD cameras into the market permits.
4G refers to the fourth generation of mobile communication technology, it is a 3G and WLAN in one and be able to transmit high quality video image technology. From GSM, GPRS to 3G and then 4G, technology is constantly evolving to improve. 4G system is able to 100Mbps download speed is 3G (WCDMA) 50 times the speed of the Internet, upload speed can reach 20Mbps, and is able to meet almost any user demand for wireless services. From the beginning until now issued 3G licenses, 3G wireless network camera has also been applied process, such as: 3G cruiser, 3G man, etc., wireless network video market is accelerating. So, when after the official commercial 4G technology, wireless network camera, especially wireless HD camera market demand will increase dramatically.
Intelligent behavior analysis feature is currently the main application for the video block with video loss detection, people counting entrances, items left over recognition, intrusion recognition, video motion detection, identification, and so the crowd movement and congestion. Intelligent monitoring from complex data analysis to identify behaviors and types, providing operational commands, data and information to achieve alarm to alert attention, intelligent retrieval intelligent behavior. Intelligent monitoring is to prevent crime occurred adjunct to improve monitoring efficiency. Moreover, smart devices to selectively transmit video, thus effectively saving bandwidth, which greatly improved the available network bandwidth utilization. HD network camera intelligent video algorithms can be embedded into the camera, and become integrated intelligent HD cameras. Not only reduces the overall project cost, but also improves the efficiency of system monitoring. Intelligent monitoring surveillance technology development and has become the main direction of the market demand, integrated intelligent HD network cameras will become the mainstream of intelligent video surveillance. Network Camera not only reduce costs, but also reduce the device node, improve equipment reliability.    Intelligent monitoring surveillance technology development has become an important topic and market demand. RFID radio frequency identification technology is one of the applications of networking technology, which can identify specific targets via radio signals and literacy-related data without a specific target in the identification system established between the mechanical or optical contact. HD network camera can also be built-in RFID technology, video and positioning of unity. HD network camera-based high-definition video imaging technology networking applications is also provided a good basis for the video information to the core of things the wisdom of HD network camera applications will be gradually increased.

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