The Stun Gun Flashlight Seems Like Something Batman Would Have In His Utility Belt

I can vividly remember watching the old Batman television show as a child. The one from the sixties with Adam West as a somewhat out of shape Batman and Burt Ward as the boy wonder, Robin. Together these two heroes would fight crime in the fictional city of Gotham. They were a couple of bad dudes and let’s face it, they had to be running around dressed like they were.

I can remember being thoroughly enamored by all of Batman’s toys like the Batman Series Costumes but what impressed me most of all was that utility belt of his. What didn’t that thing have on it. You need to create a diversion in order to make a speedy getaway? Why not use a smoke bomb. Need to contact Robin for help or last second fashion advice? Use the utility belt’s walkie talkie. It had a boomerang (or batarang as he called it), bat lasso, bat cuffs, repelling device, first aid kit, bat goggles, an apparatus for breathing underwater. Whatever the situation this man was just prepared as long as he had with him that wonderful utility belt. One thing that I never saw him take from his belt though was a stun gun flashlight. I’m quite sure he probably had a stun device on his belt and I know he had a bat light and I think I remember him activating an alarm from his belt at one point but he could have saved room and gotten so much more has he consolidated those three items into one highly effective stun device/flashlight.

The stun gun flashlight first and foremost is a flashlight with attachable red cone that can be used in emergency roadside situations. The second way one can use this device is as an alarm to scare away potential bad guys. I don’t know that it would be enough to scare off The Riddler or Mr. Freeze but a 130db alarm would certainly help ward off the majority of real life bad guys. The last way to use this device, and one I truly hope would never be needed, is as a stun device. I think it’s more effective than regular stun devices as it really is more of a stun baton than anything. At 16.5 inches this device gives its user better range in defending themselves and at 200,000 volts it’s more than enough to get the job done.

So if you’re looking for a non-lethal item of self-defense and all-purpose tool to add to your own utility belt please consider the stun gun flashlight.

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