The Story of Dwight Eisenhower about Courage

A boy running in the way home after school, he fell down and scraped a little skin, and there was no hole in the pants. But at midnight, his knee began to be painful. That time, he was 13 years old. But he was the boy on the border line. They would not complain about such a small thing. He turned a deaf ear to this pain and climbed into bed.


The next morning, his leg’s pain was great; he has been unable to feed the animals. This day was Sunday, the family went to the town by car, and he remained at his home alone. When his parents came back, he had to go to bed, and shoes had to be cut off from the swelling legs and feet. “Why does he not say that?” The mother cried, “Ask the doctor quickly!” His mother wrapped his leg with a damp cloth, in addition to putting another damp cloth on his hot forehead.


The old doctor looked at the leg, shook his head: “I think we had to amputate the leg.” “No,” the boy cried, “I will not let you amputate, I would rather die!” “The longer we wait, the greater it is possible to amputate the leg.” The doctor said. “Anyway, you cannot amputate it!” The boy’s voice had changed, and now any boy’s voice would be changed.


Old doctor left the room. Just listened to that boy told his brother, and then they heard the suffering voice of a sick child, tall and sharp, “If I am in confusion, then, Ed, do not let them amputate my legs, you swear, Ed, swear!” Then, Ed stood in the bedroom doorway, with arms crossed, it was clear that he guarded.


Two days and nights, Ed kept in there, sleeping on the floor at the door, did not leave even to eat. The heat was increasing, and that sick child began to speak without sense – he really began to be confused. Ed had not the signs to remove and remained there, because he had promised to his brother. Doctors came back to again and again. Finally, out of a helpless anger, the old doctor shouted: “You are to see him dead!” Then he walked out of the house. Now what could not save the child, unless a miracle!


The next morning, when the doctor passed by again, he saw a change: that swelling subsided! Even when the child fell asleep, there was always a person guarding at home. Another night, that boy suddenly opened his eyes, that swelling totally disappeared down. Three weeks later, despite he was thin and weak, but that vision is clear and firm. He stood up, by his will.


The 13-year-old boy learned to face life is to become a U.S. president – Dwight Eisenhower.


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