The Story of A Doorman

That was a boy who was born in Brooklyn without qualifications. He has been doing security and warehouse keeper, although he was doing well – Christie handed over the art treasures of the keys to him, but it was underground work day-to-day. He was very eager to do a job which needs to communicate with people.


When he learned that the company has a doorman’s work, he would apply to the boss. Among many candidates, he stood out, and eventually became the world’s most famous auction company doorman. How to do this job? He thought that every person who enters the main door is extremely important, and how to make them feel well-respected and happy is also important.  So he cut down all celebrity photos, names and introduced from newspapers and affixed to the wall in the home.


Until one day, the company should hold a major activity in London, and they needed a person who knows all the artists, important clients and celebrity reception. Expect for this doorman, the whole company no longer find such a person to do in London actually. Thus, the president of the company told him that they would send him to go to London. He had never separated from his wife. In addition, his child was born only two weeks, so he refused. The next day, the company informed that he will be invited with his wife. When he was standing in the grand ballroom, he felt the glory – this is a story about the doorman. He said: “You must love your job, if you have it with forever passionate, it will take you to come incredibly far away.”


I’m getting to like to listen to this story. It is even more appealing to me than with a great success story. The origin and the work of each person are different… When the initial dream come true, you rejoice and fought, but why soon after you start to find fault with suspected, not satisfied with it? Do you really think it is not satisfied with their existing all, the next will be better?


Perhaps, we should like the ordinary doorman to cherish this opportunity to love y the work with a life time to work on all smart and passion, persist in the dream.


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