The Skills of Saving Gasoline

  1. If you want to save gasoline, the first decision is t design style of car, body weight and drag coefficient, at the usual, you should pay attention to check the tire pressure. Higher or lower will increase wear and safety hazards and fuel consumption.


  1. When the car is running, no matter the speed is too high or too low, it is not conducive to fuel economy. Using economic speed is the most fuel-efficient. Each car has its own economic speed, so under this traveling speed to drive will get the lowest fuel consumption.


  1. You should clean the things what not usually used from the car trunk, because of this could reduce vehicle weight through cleaning oil can. If the car is fitted with too many heavy things, it will increase fuel consumption. Do not put anything on the roof. A luggage will cause wind resistance.


  1. When you are on the highway, you should close the window. If the speed is over 75 km / h, at this time, opening windows cost more gasoline than the closed window to air conditioners.


  1. General speaking, car idling fuel consumption by more than one minute than to re-start the fuel consumption, to avoid engine idling, the engine idling fuel consumption of 3 minutes you can let the car driving 1 km. So, if the parking time is longer, you can turn off the engine.


  1. When you see a large tanker at the gas station, at this time, you had better not to fueling; because of refueling precipitate at the end of the storage tanks are aroused. When you refuel, some impurities gasoline will be added, which could increase engine deposits.


  1. Do not save money on maintenance. Regular maintenance is the best guarantee to ensure the performance of your car.


  1. Do not be too close to the car. Many people have a bad habit, that is, they like to brake at any conditions, even are unconscious behavior. It will not only affect the speed of the entire traffic, but also increase fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.


  1. Maintain tire pressure at the normal condition, checking the air pressure regularly. At first, you should think of a good route.


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