The Secret and Power of Mental Programming

While you may forget the importance of your cognitive perception at times, it’s advantageous to take a look at what mental programming will do for you and the key elements within your life. The minute that you close your eyes you have the ability to dream and pictures images, enhancing your imagination. There is a close link between your positive thinking and the visions that you contemplate when you aren’t having to worry about the everyday responsibilities that come along with maintaining a home, relationships and day-to-day tasks. There is scientific proof that we have the means in full proofing our dreams, making them something concrete instead of illusionary. The thoughts that you protrude are not only imaginary, for they are most often the aftermath of something that you have seen, read or heard. The dreams that you have and hope to display are very possible in one way or another. Through mental programming you can manifest something in your hands, through your conscious activity because of your subconscious thoughts and intentions.

The first step in mental programming is to create and draw up a picture of what it is that you want to take part in. Illustrating it detail by detail in your thoughts will allow you to take small steps in reality, creating something of worth to you. This will clear up the fog that may cause a concrete illusion so that you can what the problems are and how you will avoid them. Think of mental programming this way; if you think certain thoughts for a prolonged amount of time then you will begin to illustrate them verbatim, in the way that you interact with others, in the way that you present yourself and in every small task that you take on. Talking about a certain dream or vision of yours to others enough times will allow them to retain the information that is processing within your brain. When others are aware of what you want and what it is that makes you happy, then they will go out of their way to talk about the subject or help you throughout your endeavors. When you act a certain way, in resemblance to your thoughts, then others will begin to think of you in that way. Remember, “how you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you.”

There is a visual programming that comes along with mental programming and it will begin to manifest itself in very symbolic ways. You will notice that after an extremity of time, these symbols will begin to catch your attention and further your dream journey. Our eyes are connected to our brain through a direct nerve, which makes for a satisfactory programming tool. There are multiple ways to program your brain and it is your decision in how you play it out. There is a passive or an active way of restructuring the way that you think and whether or not you use it beneficially. Passively, is unintentional and is a counterpart of all information that you take in with your five senses. The things that you do, the ideas you expose yourself to and the curiosities that you let get the best of you will affect the way that your brain is structured- then displaying the way that you perceive ideas because of that information having been taken in. “Birds of a feather flock together” because we tend to want to hang out with those who have the same intentions as us. If you notice, you may adopt some of the characteristics of people that you spend a lot of time with. You may begin to adopt some qualities due to the environment in which you spend most of your time. Know that you have the power of changing your thoughts, your actions and people around you. Passive mental programming can be dangerous because of the manipulation factor. Make sure that you are not being swayed by the words and actions of others, because they are not your own. When you are practicing something you subconsciously do not preach, then you will end up being unsatisfied with the decision that you have chosen to pursue.

When the programming is active then is it used in a way that is very satisfactory and progressive. Lay down, close your eyes and with your thoughts strengthen the areas of your life that you feel to be weak. The next time that you encounter those areas you will not have the common fear that you may have had before, due to your envisioning. You are building a foundation for success with your mind power and then creating it to link on with your emotional and social intelligence. When your brain is confident in the decision that your making, then all other expressions will most often come into play. Mental programming is a matter of self organization: Look at what you want, surround yourself with those types of concepts and disregard any paths that may interrupt your re-structuring process. In a way, this is a form of hypnotizing yourself into what it is that you desire. It’s often that people psyche themselves out because they envision themselves failing, or what the consequence would be if they did not achieve a satisfactory outcome. If you can psyche yourself out and truly fail, then you can hypnotize yourself into achieving something positive and rewarding.

Actively programming your mental perception and doing so with your internal vision will help you in all areas of your life, not only the one that you are attempting to achieve. This type of envisioning works differently for everyone which is why it’s important for you to take note of what works for you and adjust to it. When you are going for the “gold” then you will feel worthwhile, increasing the amount of happiness that you experience. When you are mental programming yourself make sure that you are doing so in a way that replicates who you are. When you force thoughts upon yourself that do not match up with your feelings and your intentions then you will not receive the results that you are looking for. Look deep within your feelings and your dreams and begin to program your life so that you will further enjoy a conscious reality that comes into play with your subconscious feelings and ideas.

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