The Room Should Not Be Installed Colored Glass

With the improvement of living standards, bedroom decorations also increasingly pay attention to the styles. A variety of new decorative material is full of tricks, and the colored glass is widely used in construction. However, the room should not be installed colored glass.


The colored glass refers to different colors of glass which was added colorants, which was also known as the heat-absorbing glass. Colored glass can block about 50% of the solar radiation, such as 6 mm thick blue glass can block about 50% of the sunlight, and the brown, bronze endothermic glass only can absorb 25 percent of the sunlight.


The heat-absorbing glass can not only play the role of the insulation, but also to create a beautiful cool atmosphere. But it block out the sunshine which play the role of sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, it is not worth the candle. Especially in the north, the weather is not hot, so it is does not need nor for the use of heat-absorbing glass. Some of the hot regions in the south, it is suitable for the use of heat-absorbing glass.


Some residents like to install screen window, which could combine with the colorless and transparent common glass, so that the transmittance is suitable exactly. But if it was coupled with colored glass, its light transmission rate is about 35%, which can affect the illumination requirements of the indoor people. At usually, People see the light which was synthesized by the seven-color light and infrared and ultraviolet light. When the sun passes through ordinary glass, people will accept the panchromatic sun, but colored glass is not the case. For example, when the sun passes through the sapphire glass, the red, orange and other lights which “complementary” with blue light will be absorbed by glass, just only leave the shorter wavelength of the light.  The result is that the objects will lost their ordinary colors.


My Suggestion is to install the ordinary glass. In the summer, when the light is strong, people could equip with shading devices, or hang a translucent curtain, which not only could block out heat and sound, but also to fully enjoy sun bathing. Even if you have to install colored glass, you should try to buy the hollow glass or Low-E glass.


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