The Purpose of Medicinal Marijuana Doctors

You may have been hearing a lot about medical marijuana in the news lately. That’s because more and more states are starting to pass legislation that legalizes this form of alternative medicine for patients who are suffering and who are in need. To better clarify, this medicine is legal in 15 states and in DC, and can only be recommended – not prescribed – by medicinal marijuana doctors who are state
Important Questions to Ask & Answer
So what is the purpose of these Marijuana Doctors? Are they legal? Can just anybody see them? Do they only do this as their primary medical function? Let’s look into this to shed some light on much needed answers.

Why Marijuana Doctors Are Needed?
A good example can be found in the state of California, where there are more of these doctors than in any other state. The medical community is at odds over the benefits of this alternative medicine. Some doctors don’t want to be associated with it, and others want to help patients who could benefit from using it, which makes this a very high demand medical sector. These Marijuana Doctors are greatly needed because there are hundreds upon thousands of patients who qualify for medicinal marijuana, but only licensed doctors can evaluate them and approve them for the medical marijuana program in their state. Often, doctors specialize in these recommendations, much like a specialist doctor for ear, throat and mouth, or a pediatrician and so on.

How the States Track Marijuana Doctors ?
Each state has created its own medicinal marijuana program. The programs are run and administered by the public health department in each state. They create a registry to track patients, and in most states issue them a medicinal marijuana card to track access to dispensaries where they can buy their medicine and provide verification for law enforcement so that patients can enjoy legal protection from prosecution.

Four Steps Marijuana Doctors Must Take to Recommend Patients
There are a few steps that doctors must take, which can vary slightly from state to state.
1. They must establish a bona fide doctor-to-patient relationship.
2. They must fully examine a patient and their complete medical history.
3. They must ensure that by recommending medicinal marijuana it would serve to benefit the patient.
4. If they deem the patient a candidate, they must sign a detailed doctor recommendation for a medicinal marijuana card, sign it and submit it to the state health department for approval.
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