the premium quality of this kind of West Lake longjing tea

Compared with the economical first-class West Lake dragon well tea A, the first first-class West Lake dragon well tea B looks more beautiful, which makes up for the deficiency that the two types of pre-Grain Rain longjing tea leaves are not so appealing, so it is a bit more expensive than the former tea. As a brand, Zhejiang province, the provincial capital Hangzhou, the nation’s agricultural brand construction of similar cities in the forefront.
According to statistics, as of the end of 2009, agricultural products, registered trademark of 19 585, about the city 34% of valid registered trademark, registered trademark in which the international agricultural products totaled 265.  As a transitional tea product, the cost performance of the first-class pre-Grain Rain, West Lake dragon well tea B is self-evident.Conclusion
For the distinction between grades of tea characteristic parameters only depend on the shape or texture characteristic parameters alone can not achieve satisfactory results, while the shape to be imposed based on a combination of features and texture features to build more accurate models that can better describe the combination of characteristics characteristics of different grades of tea. In order to highlight the premium quality of this kind of West Lake longjing tea, we adopt top grade Jingdezhen / JDZ ceramic cans to pack it.
The most important model for the distinction between pre-S is the characteristic wavelength of 800 nm, respectively, the correlation image, wavelength 800 nm image of second-order diagonal matrix, the standard deviation of filtered composite image map markings percentage of composite images standard deviation filter and entropy map and regional standards for second-order central moments have the same eccentricity of the ellipse. Whether by placing them in your home or on your office tables, dragon well teas are a superlative decoration to reveal your personal taste, let alone to be presented as gifts.
Editor’s note Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province as an early start in the private economy and rapid economic and social development areas, the brand of agricultural products. The first-class pre-Grain Rain, West Lake dragon well tea B, is also a sort of economical tea as Pre-Grain Rain first-class, West Lake Dragon Well tea A.
Many aspects of construction, carry out a number of fruitful work, to create a large number of distinctive features and has a vast market of agricultural products brand. Their practices and experiences are worth learning throughout, reflecting the problems caused by the parties concerned should also be attention.  Both of them belong to pre-Grain Rain dragon well tea.
Blue Ocean brand building to open up agricultural products “- Hangzhou produce brand-building practice and thinking. Although they are not so pretty as pre-Ming/ pre-Qingming / pre- Clear and Bright West Lake dragon well tea, they taste stronger, and their prices are affordable, making themselves quite preferred by dragon well tea lovers.

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