The points of selecting the monitoring system hard

In the choice of HD video monitoring equipment, the most easily overlooked is the choice of storage devices, usually we only focus on the capacity and speed, which is completely incorrect, of course, high-definition monitor with a huge demand for data capacity, high- capacity hard disk is essential, but we should focus on monitoring the hard drive utility line speed is not important, stability and optimized for high-definition stream is what we need to function. Judging from the continuous work time, ordinary PC hard drive design for 5×8 hours of continuous work, while monitoring the dedicated hard drive is designed to meet the DVR system data and the storage requirements of the digital image information, it can reach 7×24 hours a day. Some people might ask enterprise-class hard drive and DVR Series hard drives are designed 7×24 hours of work time, whether enterprise-class hard disk instead of DVR hard drive more reliable insurance? The answer is no. First of all, we have to understand: monitors your disk read-write mode is customized specifically for video and data, so as to ensure smooth and reliable video and data integrity, but also effectively enhance the time or quality of the video. The design of the PC’s hard drive in order to meet the development trend of PC applications, more reliable system of data storage, the diversity of application support, and faster storage response time, and enterprise hard disk is a disk array, RAID protection, data snapshot, NAS, or various large-capacity storage devices. Obviously the PC’s hard disk on a continuous working time is not suitable for monitoring the use of enterprise-class hard drive and monitor hard drives are optimized for long-running enterprise-class specifically optimized for raid, seek faster than monitoring level hard disk, so the two kinds of hard disk can not be used instead.
HD video monitoring system, the greater the resolution and the higher the resolution, which means during the time of data transmission stream will increase, greatly increasing the hard pressure, in addition to multi-channel parallel stream optimization techniques only in monitoring the dedicated hard drive can manifestation of this is the main function means to share the hard pressure, in a multi-disk structure, even if the high-definition surveillance system on the hard disk transfer speed is not very demanding, but a small amount of data read and write frequently, monitoring dedicated hard drive head access mechanism structure optimization design for a ip video monitoring system to read and write features, to extend head life. The following example, we analyze monitoring the important role of the hard disk in high-definition video surveillance system: to extend the storage life, storage life is the key to control the cost of the monitoring system, the ordinary hard disk at boot time will start at full speed, instantaneous current may reach 2a. Monitors your disk to start slow acceleration, the starting current control 2a. Usually have multiple hard drives because the ip video monitoring system, so that when activated instantly generates a lot of start-up current, ordinary hard drive, the power supply will be unbearable, and even burned monitors your disk theory average uptime than ordinary hard to be much longer, stability, reliability is higher; continuous working time difference: As mentioned earlier, ordinary PC hard disk is not suitable for long continuous read and write is stored in the high-definition surveillance system pressure, the use of ordinary PC hard drive continuously for a long time to read and write will greatly damage the hard disk, hard drive abnormal sound, read and write errors, abort and the resulting final damage to the hard disk. For a continuous year-round operation, thus requiring the hard disk must be a long time of continuous work, to meet this requirement only monitor the dedicated hard drive; power consumption and heat dissipation, as a high-definition monitor media, storage pressure, the ordinary operating power consumption of the PC’s hard disk generally about 14.5 watts, monitoring specific hard drive operating power consumption is generally about 8 watts, equivalent to only 55% of the power consumption of the ordinary PC hard disk, the operating power consumption of about 75% will be converted into heat, the use of specific monitoring hard, not only successfully lower consumption, heat generation is also much better; transmission and performance differences: the monitor dedicated hard drive in addition to the traditional PC hard disk transfer mode, the introduction of an updated transmission mode – uninterrupted transmission mode, the transmission mode up to 65mb / s. Through the introduction of the uninterrupted transmission mode, so that the support of the hard disk streaming media more reliable, adequate protection of digital disk recorder for playback fluency and stability in the entry at the same time, this is not have the characteristics of other hard drives. In addition, the HD stream optimization is monitoring the hard drive for HD monitoring features that are unique, you can better enhance the performance and stability.

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