The Plot Analysis of Destiny of Guild Wars 2

Last year, when I got Guild Wars 2, I like most of people do not know how to operate. Anyway, I bought the cdk, and opened Ashura thieves. All the plot dialogue is skipped. I will read the mission statement detail, only if I cannot go on the mission. At that time, I was obsessed with leveling. Like bridgehead brush the Centaur, Highland brushes Centaur, swamp brush frog, anyway, how to upgrade soon on, I will do it. In fact, I upgrade soon to 80 and was told that except for a few small copy, I cannot raid go. This is my major blow; because of this is no pursuit any more.


Ultimate equipment is orange equipment. Average 3-4 times a copy of orange and equipment will be able to use the brand change, it is quite convenience. You know a copy of the hero of World of Warcraft is an average of four brands, and a brand weapon should use 75 brands to change. later changed into points system, but also an average of more than a dozen copies of to change an epic, oh yes, replace or sub-brand epic, truly the ultimate equipment 25 Heroic Difficulty before fall, that is required to work as on-time to participate in order to get. I have this consciousness, knew so I do leveling so fast.


Well, I need to re-train element division, whatever the outcome; I need to take a look at the story. I still remember the 30 level; the main quest is meeting in Lion’s Arch, but the contents I cannot remember. Anyway, representatives of five races each to a meeting is to quarrel, anyway, that humans and big cats could not understand each other, that Ashura The big chest norn female unfriendly, vegetative smooth things out not to be effective.


When My new training elements of division play to 30 individual main line, I finally understand these five people are the member of the Bland of Destiny, are the same as the bronze V Xiaoqiang previous generations of heroes, but they finally play against Kyle Cato Rick (Kralkatorrik – Crystal Dragon, players round once every 2 hours shatterer boss), Logan (Logan) Queen calls Logan go back JiuJia reason that Logan lost his teammates, go back and rescue the Queen, which led directly to the the blade of fate this war failed, worse Zhuojia (Zojja)’s, mentor Sina Fu (Snaff) sacrifice, a direct result of the dissolution of the blade of destiny.


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