The Occurrence of Love Is Following Rules


According to the summaries of American psychologist Sharon Brehm, the occurrence of love is following rules:


Attractive appearance

In an interesting psychological experiment, psychologists give people a number of photos of strangers, and then let them according to their own feelings to evaluate about these strangers. The results found that people generally give high praise for the people who have the attractive appearance. Visibly, people are more likely to believe: Beautiful people must be also good. This prejudice is easy to cause in the initial stage of interaction.


The other side likes you

To get along with someone, if you feel the other likes you, the feeling of acceptance and appreciation will improve self-esteem and thus more like each other; on the other contrary, it is felt to be negative, even if this person’s attractive gone, but also his attraction will thus be greatly reduced. Because, comparing with the good feeling which they give us, we are more concerned about that the feeling what we are refused and negative.



There are differences in the character of people, they are more prone to misunderstandings and disputes when they get along with others and prolonged conflict, which will make two people are frustrated and tired. People who have the similar characters, they will resonate because of each other’s consistent. This feeling of being accepted let them enjoy themselves more, so more and more like spending time with each other. Under this feeling, “no similarity” can also promote feelings for each other.



People generally have reverse psychology, which led to get or lose when we are facing with a threat. We will be more eager to get and to redouble our efforts. Psychologists have found that there is love, “Romeo and Juliet effect”: When the outside especially parents, they more strongly opposed to two people love, each other’s eyes the more they have the more attractive, so The two parties can feel intense love for each other.



Expect for the above conditions, regardless of background, age or gender differences, people think lovers need to have the three most important conditions are: warm hearted, good character, to accept and respond to their feelings.


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