The Nutritional Value of Rice

Rice is one of grain, which can be divided into indica rice, japonica rice, and waxy rice three categories. Indica rice grains are slender, white and translucent, as well as loose. But its viscosity is small, expansion is great, and cooking the more rice. Japonica rice’s shape is short and round, its color is white, transparent or translucent, with the hard texture, and is stickier than the indica rice, the small swelling, and cooking the less food. Well-known varieties of Japonica rice is station rice in Tianjin, Beijing West rice and Shanghai white rice and so on. Glutinous rice is also known as low hardness, sucking water, food and inflation with the lowest rate, but the viscosity is the largest. Its color is white, uncooked rice is opaque, but after cooked the gloss is transparent.


Rice contains about seventy percent of starch, cellulose and hemicellulose and soluble sugar. Indica and japonica rice contains more amylopectin, soluble in water, in addition they can be completely amylase hydrolysis into maltose; and glutinous rice with less amylopectin, so only fifty-four percent of starch can be hydrolysis, so it is not easily digested by human body.


Biological value of protein in rice is equal to soy, lysine and threonine and so on is rich in rice, and the ratio of amino acids is close to the body’s needs. Rice is also rich in vitamins B1 and inorganic salts such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., in which the phosphorus content of japonica rice is higher than glutinous rice, but calcium content is lower than glutinous rice. Since brown rice is worth to indicate that with higher dietary fiber, B vitamins and vitamin E, not only the therapeutic effect of preventing beriberi, to maintain blood sugar balance has an important role.


In recent years, nutrition experts found that brown rice can inhibit the growth of liver cancer and colon cancer, skin cancer and can prevent the transfer, so eat brown rice is good for health. Rice is two staple foods of Chinese people, especially in the southern people are based on rice, which can be cook and made into porridge, but also to be a lot of food ingredients.


Rice have so much nutrition, you can go to taste it!


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