The new product family table

Recently, the 81-year-old was born in Shanghai,True Religion outlet China Zhong Pu mixed blood (his father was Portuguese) Machado successfully signed the International Management Group (IMG), and supermodel Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen is equivalent to the door, as the oldest ever contract model. Machado said in an interview, to encourage more senior citizens coming out and my age sisters to face life; as the Chinese, China will never forget her, forget Shanghai, if she will have the opportunity to look back to the Bund.

Solange in the Aristocrats designed the five CPC Series ring. Five-pointed star in the ancient and mysterious amulet and Masonic triangle as royal jewelry design inspiration, not everyone can think of, but it is Solange’s Princess and the Princess of their modern interpretation. A pink enamel rings particularly interesting, wearing it like wearing a shield: “I am beautiful, but also strong.” Around the edge of another shape decorated with Oriental bamboo sleek black rectangular ring was also a people appreciate. From these it is hard to represent the voice of the wearer to choose the works.

The new product family table top jewelry Reverso Squadra Art Ice and La Rose, this is the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch manufacture the unparalleled achievements of the Thatcher integration of the latest works of art jewelry manufacturing. Female-like flower pattern, painted and diamonds to interpretation, True Religion jeans the petals gradation to the extreme, bursting out flowers vitality.

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