The New Key of the Love

Usually in people’s minds, a word is secretly buried in it and must not be forgotten and you never tell anyone. Although it is not the significant words, it is quite precious words. That sentence is the key, is the new key. In the bag, in the car, and in the door, there are no a keyhole as before. Some is a small thing like ear. As long as your mouth is attached to it and say quietly, then the lock will open.


A beautiful young girl lives in the house with such a lock. Her love life is very sweet. She would go dating and dance with her boyfriend every two or three times a week. In that beautiful summer night, they usually go boating to the middle of the river and enjoy the joy of youth together.


However, tonight her feeling is very boring, because of the not worth things, they quarrel. The reason is in the tea shop appointments, she let him waited too long. “I wait such a long time, do you not feel ashamed?” Her boyfriend said. “Do not get angry, ok?” The girl answered. “I finally put down my work and out.” Her boyfriend complained. “I have to dress up before the appointment.” The girl said. “Have you already known the dating?” Her boyfriend said again.


In the past, who is in a bad mood, the other says words of comfort, it is fine. This time, but why are they so vexed? “I go home.” She said as she stood up to go. He wanted to reach out to hang on, but not enough to her shoulder and touched the ears, and then the earrings fell on the floor. “Then go back!” The boyfriend said. All started in that way.


The way went home, she felt some regret, and she thought that they cannot meet forever. She walked with heavy steps came to his door. If she did not rely on mouth to the door said: “Today I’m glad”, the door would not open. But these words, at that time, it is difficult for her to export. If she didn’t say, she could not get into houses, so she had temporarily stood there and finally no choice but to say out that sentence like memorizing articles. The door slowly opened, she shut the door from the inside, and then she wanted to replace this sentence. When she figured the sentence out, the words were: “I am wrong, please forgive me.”


The next morning, the boy was standing in front of her to express regret. He was uneasy at home, and he comforted himself to return the earrings to her, then he came. He wanted to ring the doorbell, but could not lift up hands. In short, in any case he still would not admit the mistake, the final decision was put the earrings hanging on the door handles, and then went back. So in the end of hanging earrings, he said subconsciously to the door: “I am sorry, please forgive me.” The door was slowly opened, when she at a loss saw him, she ran to him with crying.


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