The methods of distinghuishing a genuine LV handbag

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Louis Vuitton,known as LV,was founded by Louis Vuitton in Paris in the year of 1845, and by now, it has become the leading brand in the suitcases, handbags and other leather goods, and is really a luxury signifier in the high society.All people pursuing fashion cannot resist the tempt of an LV handbag. The unperishable Monogram patterns,the simple crossing LV letters and so on,all create an unbreakable story for the brand as well as build the nobleness and elegance of numerous women.Such good a bag is of course in a high price,thus,in order not to waste our money on a fake handbag,it is wise for us to know the methods of distinguishing a geniume LV handbga from those reproductions.Here are some.

By the taste,Those who always visit the exclusive agency of LV must know that there is a unique taste of true leather.Thus an expert can just judge the handbag genuine or not by the taste only.

By a dropping water.Many fake LV handbags are made of fake leathers,so they may have a bad quality of absorbing water.Drop a little water on the leather part of the bag,and if it is a real one,you will see the absorptiion of water and wipe it off, there will be water stain.

The quality of inner cloth.The inside of LV handbags are made of canvas,therefore,if it is made of leathers, it is a definitely fake one.In addition to that,the canvas in an authentic LV handbag has a rough wave and clear texture,while the fake one may have a relative smooth feeling and vague wave and fuzzy patterns.

By the lines.A genuine LV handbag is made of fibers of high tenacity,and the lines appear as a wicker type.On the contrary,the fake handbags are always made of ordinary cotton thread,thus no wicker-type lines

By the number of the handbags.For any genuine LV handbags,there is a small bag inside the bag,inside which there is pinned a small leather,and on which the number of the handbag is printed.

The hidden number of the bag.In the seams of every genuine LV handbag there is a hidden number,showing the birth place and the birthday of the bag.

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