The meizitang market is messy

For the  fruta planta    system, however, there are still signs of dislocation. Why after the rebound, fail? I summarize a few:1, although the daily heat is normal, not a diet, but at night do not eat staple food for the concept of the traditional diet, it is not accustomed to, so I always feel that they feel to lose weight, feel tough in the restraint, Always looking forward to the arrival of Saturday. Over time, can not stand it; 2, emotional eating is serious, and that I am not mature enough to not liking other places, including a little thing, are pushed to the diet, with a total weight loss is enough tired, the total experience so irritable.
The     meizitang      market is messy. So when we encounter a major point of difficulty, such as learning flow, and flow, and so on and so forth. Daily eating habits. Guilt to the strong feelings of guilt, can not be estimated, to lazy to control and give up, and then to re-lose weight. A vicious circle;It says very subtle, but very critical. The problem of mentality, in the end she should be what kind of attitude to lose weight, in the end should weigh how to lose weight and daily life. This has a profound impact on me the weight loss. Several times before, I just want to look good, want to slim, want to get dressed, and even running in the playground, the fear of other people with strange eyes look at me: “Look, this person lose weight.
This time to lose weight: the beginning still can not stand too fat, has changed fantasy and it will have about four months to lose weight like before, same again thin to 49kg difference is that, occasionally a opportunity for me in here looked at. A lot of stickers, a lot of discussion. Women are the main group of    fruta planta reduce weight   users. There are many pro-severe dieting, and even some pro-MC affected. I can not help a bit scared, so a re-examine their actions. Perhaps, I do not have to rely on at night to eat the fruit to lose weight, perhaps my problems out on Saturday gluttony, with Saturday’s gluttony, a direct result of the next few days did not dare to eat at night. Perhaps I can and then more normal sister, regular diet.
With a bit of suspicion and fear, I started a regular diet plan to apply for the three diet pills order not to exceed the heat.The outside world and others doubt and distrust, is human nature, I too. Want me to drink milk, eat the corn at night to eat so much. Some fear. The only consolation is that, through their own personal experience, after the normal dinner every night, Saturday gluttony I really greatly reduced. At least until now, I’m just a few, include the New Year. Here is my recent diet and exercise arrangements.  Many plastic surgery hospitals recommend many kinds of     meizitang     .
Sunday to Friday:Breakfast: (vegetables steamed buns + a bun + a glass of milk); Lunch: 150g +200 g of meat dishes of rice +200 g, vegetables (meat dishes are the kind with meat and vegetables, such as carrots, shredded pork, etc.)Afternoon snacks: almonds, 10-15g.Dinner: +100 g of rice, under the cabbage, oyster mushroom soup to +200 g soft tofu +250 ml low-fat high calcium milk / one big corn +250 ml low-fat high calcium milk.Movement: 6km / h, jogging, about 45 minutes (this is the night to eat the staple food, cause I think would like to sport some). Hereby, four sorts of     meizitang      are introduced.
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