The market of wireless monitoring should be expanded

Driven by market demand, especially in the last two years, the popularity of wireless networks civilian, civilian communications mobile data network to the wireless network monitoring brought development opportunities. Number of surveillance cameras in order to make the wireless network vendors emerged. Wireless ip camera using the means of transmission of civilian communications network to do neither with the establishment of private networks, but also eliminates the cost and difficulty of wiring, video surveillance spawned more application scenarios, the video surveillance market further widened. So, wireless network video surveillance will have what kind of development trend? Modern production enterprises require no dead video surveillance, wireless video surveillance system is not limited cable with flexible scalability, can be in any position at any time easily add new monitoring point, and change the old control points, increasing the uncertainty of monitoring points, so that the real security monitoring implementation into practice; its wiring low cost, no please professional construction workers, this feature monitoring and management for SMEs; wireless network monitoring system allows users at any time, any place within a certain space to access the network data without explicit access locations specified, which is characterized by enterprise managers were randomly selected plant situations may be provided; enterprises often suffer geographical environment and the working environment restrictions, cable system construction cycle is very long, and even in some places cabling project can not be realized. This time using wireless network monitoring, to free themselves from the shackles of cable, flexible installation; bandwidth of the wireless AP extent permitted, can be expanded monitoring points and wireless end users.

Currently, high-end industrial users such as domestic peace monitoring system works, road traffic monitoring, inspection and quarantine of electronic monitoring and video surveillance, mostly large-scale metro sexual and even national industry video surveillance system. High requirements of the imaging device. Before wired devices are in use, requires a clear picture storage security. And now need to begin to get involved as a result of wireless image acquisition (such as traffic patrols, mobile patrols safe city, urban management and law enforcement mobile patrols) and mobile video viewing and control. Because of these large customers purchasing Adequacy, capacity, security has always been the manufacturer’s principal business points. In the future, this phenomenon will not change. Small and medium business users in the future is not only the user is a potential market for wireless network monitoring, wireless network monitoring will be an important area of application. Such users mainly refers to monitoring requirements of small shops and medium-sized supermarkets, hospitals, educational institutions. As users of the monitoring required to install, easy operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency requirements and other characteristics, wireless network video surveillance business penetration in this type of application will have greater room for improvement. Commercial users of wireless video surveillance in addition to the business needs of mobile video surveillance and other basic monitoring requirements, often also need to monitor the system and the combined company’s business systems, such as hospitals use the ip camera on an ambulance for emergency patients, adults through ip camera surveillance Teach kids off gas valves, emergency handling home affairs, internal bank armored personnel real-time monitoring applications. In short, the future of wireless video surveillance in the commercial areas of development potential will be enormous.
With the technological level of development, people improved economic levels and cognitive, home surveillance ip cameras will be well spread. Home wireless video surveillance video surveillance user demand is relatively simple, mainly focused on video services and alarm linkage demand for services, the monitoring system of the delay, storage, etc. not too high. However, due to huge data and signal flow, network dependent, needy families to deploy a home wireless gateway and other factors, restricting the family and personal development of network video monitoring, so home wireless video surveillance development and promotion of the difficulty is still relatively large, home wireless network monitoring applications was still relatively small. Difficulties has two main aspects: cost issues and understanding. In Family / Personal Security is the most important is the security sense. Many times due to personal negligence caused their injury is not uncommon. In the future, how to sell security products to customers, how to change individual security concept will become critical. The future of personal and household use wireless network monitoring equipment must be combined with more additional features of life, in order to truly attract individual buyers. Additional information, such as communications, home entertainment, community service and many other features. Also, because the price is too high security products also do not choose individual or family wireless network monitoring equipment is a major cause. Companies only improve labor efficiency, lower commodity prices, in order to ultimately get a personal home security market is large piece of cake.

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