The Many Ways All On 4 Dental Implants in New Jersey Can Change Your Life, PART 3

Welcome back to our three part article series on the many wonderful ways “All On 4” dental implants can change your life. In our previous post, part 2 of the series, we discussed how the “All On 4” eliminates many of the daily challenges associated with denture wearing, while saving patients thousands of dollars on associated denture products. We also explained how getting new beautiful and non-removable teeth vastly improves one’s smile confidence and self-esteem. In this article post, specialists in the placement of dental implants in New Jersey will explain to us how this protocol preserves one’s beautiful smile and prevents further bone loss in the jaw.

“All On 4” Dental Implants: Helping to Prevent Jawbone loss

The roots of natural teeth play an important role in preserving jawbone health. They do this by transmitting the eating forces into the encasing bone tissue and in doing so they serve to ‘exercise’ it, keeping it vital. One of the biggest problems associated with tooth loss is the loss of bone tissue in the jaw as a result of atrophy. Conventional removable dentures only replace the tooth crowns and not the roots and as a result, bone loss becomes a problem. Dental implants, on the other hand, replace both the visible portion of the missing tooth structure as well as the roots. This helps to preserve the long-term health of the bone, preventing the remodeling process that leads to the aged and sunken-in appearance typically associated with edentulous denture wearers.

When you consider how important your smile is to you, it can be easily understood what an immense benefit it is to know that your tooth replacement technology will preserve its long term integrity and youthfulness.

“All On 4” Dental Implants: Additional Benefits

Helping to prevent bone loss has far more advantages than just preserving one’s youthful facial appearance. A healthy jawbone is also necessary for bite function. Many denture wearers report that they eat better without their replacement teeth. Without a strong and healthy bite one’s diet becomes extremely limited and malnutrition is frequently a resultant problem. In fact, wearing dentures can reduce your life expectancy by a shocking ten years and this is because you are not able to get the nutrition you need to stay healthy!

“All On 4” Dental implants: Benefits Summarized

  • Fixed and non-removable teeth
  • No need to remove teeth for cleaning or at night time
  • Better hygiene maintenance capabilities
  • Forget social embarrassment
  • Teeth that feel comfortable and natural
  • A stronger bite and the ability to manage a much greater variety of food
  • Doesn’t trigger gag reflex
  • Teeth that aren’t bulky and cause acute oral discomfort
  • Teeth that won’t impede your ability to sense the taste, texture and temperature of your food
  • No ‘denture breath’
  • Improved smile confidence and self-esteem
  • Saves patients thousands of dollars on denture products
  • Teeth that can last a lifetime if cared for properly
  • Preserves excellent jawbone health
  • Helps to preserve youthful facial appearance
  • Prolonged life and quality of life

A Final Note from Dental Implant Specialists in New Jersey

For all the above mentioned benefits and advantages, it’s not hard to understand why all on 4 dental implants are considered to be top notch, comprehensive approach to treating edentulism and a failing dentition. If you have lost most or all of your teeth, make the right investment in your oral health and quality of life!

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