The Manual Post Hole Digger

The manual posthole digger or clamshell digger, as some call it, is a utility farm tool that works fine for small jobs such as digging holes for fencing posts. The manual post hole digger is not as big as the power augers which are used for digging bigger and deeper holes such as those for placing electric posts. However, a posthole digger should not be mistaken for a post pounder, which is often used along with the digger, but to force the pole into the hole once the hole is dug. The two machines work to make your work easier, but the latter is not a must have.
This utility machine comprises of a handle that is six-feet long and allows for greater depth. The handles are usually made of hard wood and are covered in a clear varnish. The tool’s handles are normally rounded at the top to make it easier to use. On the bottom, though, the ends are square, because this gives added strength. The blades of a good manual post hole digger are precision-molded and hardened. They should be sharpened and then covered by a shield that protects them when they are being sharpened. The pivot pin on the digger is usually made of 3/4″ steel. It’s designed to be strong enough that it lasts for many years. Always make sure that you keep your manual post hole digger clean and coated with oil to prevent it from rusting. However, if you have a major digging project that will involve several holes or digging in hard ground, consider a power earth auger rather than the manual digger.

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