The Main Direction of dragon well tea Industry

Allocate funds from the municipal fiscal year, the town for six Fort tea professional development, six Fort tea, tea tree nursery base construction of the original species, six Fort tea raw material bases.  We can stuff the dried dragon well tea into them and put on the lids.
six Fort tea processing bases, six Fort tea production business and technology change projects, six Fort tea market and six Fort tea cultivation skills training of employees. In recent years, Wuzhou municipal government to actively build a platform to organize six Fort tea producers across the country to participate in large international tea industry expo, to improve visibility of six Fort tea, so Wuzhou six Fort tea industry developed rapidly within a short time.  Save the dragon well tea in fridges.
Investment bear fruit, industries have been expanding.  First, we place the  longjing tea  leaves into taker-bags that are with high density, and are pressure resistant, thick and odor-free.
In recent years, Wuzhou municipal government has increased six Fort tea, investment, and built a six Fort tea centralized processing area, Wuzhou City, tea, six Fort tea and professional markets. Since 2006, the District establish internal and external customers in Wuzhou and standardization of tea processing enterprises reached 310 million yuan of investment, processing enterprises increased from 4 to 22 development, harvest tea processing capacity from 4900 tons to 10,000 tons; total invest 120 million yuan, annual output of six Fort tea. Then we put the dragon well tea bags into the chilling chambers or the refrigerating rooms in fridges.
5000 tons, included in the autonomous region of major new construction projects in 2008 Wuzhou six Fort tea centralized processing area, there are four companies entering the building; the world gather in Guangzhou Binhai Investment Company invested 120 million Yuan. Or else, the dragon well tea leaves can be wetted or be tainted by other odors.
Major projects included in Wuzhou City, construction area of 3.1 million square meters of six Fort tea civil works have been completed the professional market, is now entering the phase of interior decoration and market investment. These projects put into operation, is bound to promote the six Fort tea industry has injected new vitality. With this way, longjing tea can be kept fresh for a long time, but we should ensure that the bags are sealed tightly and closely.
Six Fort tea products still apply for protection of geographical indications to products has been enhanced protection awareness. Consequently, the quality of the dragon well tea will be ruined.
Six Fort tea history of tea is the traditional name of Wuzhou City, Guangxi excellent native and famous exports, because of its origin in the Town of Wuzhou City, and to Cangwu six place names. In order to strengthen the protection, promotion of six Fort tea industry healthy and rapid development, beginning in May 2006. For family dragon well tea drinkers, there are usually five methods to store it.
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