The Little Steward Kindness Cut the Winds of Cupid

One day, Cupid was wandering back and forth in his own house. “I’m tired of this little house,” he said, “The window of the house is too narrow, through which I always see the same scene. I have to extricate myself and I want to fly, or why should I have the wings?” He put on his red robe and flew out of the house, leaving the door and windows open to accept the cold wind constantly being blown into the house.


However, as soon as he left, a person dressed in a small green shirt came in the house. She entered Cupid’s house, closed the door and windows, cleaned the stove, added wood to the fireplace, and sang songs while sewing clothes. She would look out of the window from time to time to see if someone comes, but most of the time she sat beside the fireplace to sing, keeping the house clean and warm.


Before long, Cupid was tired of flying back and forth. One evening, he saw a light shining at the end of the world. “If there is light, there is warm!” Cupid thought. And then he flew over to see, it turned out that was his own little house. “Oh! Who has kept my house so warm?” He flew into the house and saw a person dressed in a small green shirt who was adding firewood to the fireplace and humming a song while working.


“Who are you? Is it you that take care of my house?” Cupid asked. “My name is kindness!” said the little steward. “It is cold and empty outside,” Venus said, “Can I come in and warm up beside the fireplace?” “Oh, you’re welcome!” kindness said, “This fire is prepared for you.” “My red robe is wet and broken,” Cupid said, “Can I wrap my body with the robe that you make?” “Oh, you’re welcome,” said kindness, “It is sewed for you, and now it has been sewed well.”


Cupid walked to the fireplace and warmed his poor hands. “Oh!” he said aloud, “Now that I have returned to my home, I will never leave. But in order not to let them take me to fly away again, what should I do with my wings?” “Well,” kindness said, “Let me use my small scissors to trim them!” “Honey, what are the names of your scissors?” “Peace and comfort are their names!” kindness said. Therefore, the kindness cut the wings of Cupid. One of them cleaned the stove and the other added woods, living a happy life together.


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