The late Shang Dynasty bronze sculpture

Since Wuding As Dixin. Market segment of archaeological and cultural phases of four commonly used Zou Heng said that the first phase Pangeng to small B, Wu Ding Zhizu Phase A, Phase III Xinzhi Wen Ding, the fourth Diyidixin. After the discovery, in general do not cross this boundary. The Yin Ruins of the bronze sculpture of three phases, there Zhangzhang Shou said that the first phase Pangeng to Wu Ding, Zu Geng second to Kangding, the third force B to Di Xin. In addition, there are – some other argument.

As in the late Shang Dynasty from the late Wu Ding to be close to two hundred years or Dixin less than two years, in such a long period of time, according to the specific situation, but also for the difference before and after the two phases.

1) preceding the late Shang Dynasty china bronze statue: current emerging class well-Yi, goblet, Gong and so on. Square device greatly developed, almost all of the wine are square.

Decoration, the animal images more specific, and some even have a sense of realism, the main distinction between pattern and ground pattern evident, often to fine grain pattern mine, in sharp contrast with the main pattern. The main relief pattern to use more tactics, style is rounded, Jun sharp two. Inscriptions are mostly a word, as the owner of the clan symbol objects. The shape, the larger the change Ding, addition to the usual style of things, the emergence of sub-file tripod. Fang Ding are slotted rectangular, column foot thick and short side. Gui is still no ears, belly lighter, abdominal diameter on the largest shift. The development of the slender goblet shape, bell extension, degradation of large cross-hole Lou Phillips, or through or not through. MG greatly reduced body flat, round body Jazz prevailed. Jade cup with ears to see change is the jade cup with ears before the board beast decoration. Three-legged significantly higher. Hu Ge band appeared with wear.

2) After the late Shang chinese bronze sculpture period: in class, no respect and the flat shoulder of the new body out of the typical wine container device, see the horse before the title and other traveling device. The front of the late Shang Dynasty more than follow the class. The most developed stage decoration, decorative arts reached a peak level, animals and fantasy as the main Animal Mask unprecedented development. Decoration is not only applied on the body, some attention is also less than the bottom of the decorative pattern. The overall pattern guarded solemn style. This period there have been notes in the form of a longer inscription. But at most thirty-four Cross. Inscriptions caster fine, the contents of clan emblem, ancestor worship, reward, conquest and so on. Ding shapes in addition to column foot, the foot appeared Tixing; round tripod more, write out a little straight ears. Gui Gui biggest change is the sharp ears pop like goblet basic front, still slender body bell. Little change in MG, MG is still a round body, flat Jazz disappear, MG-column shift. Jade cup with ears still see the beast head decorations, bags continue to be popular enough to jade cup with ears, but the lower body and wide, decorated with thick columns. Gordo has Hu, Hu has twelve wear.

Chinese bronze sculpture is not only quantity, but also form a rich variety. With wine, food control, water control, musical instruments, weapons, agricultural implements and tools, traveling devices, appliances, money, seals, and so on. Have a single class in wine MG. Angle, goblet, jade cup with ears, respect, pots, wine container, square Yi, Gong, jar, He, spoon, cut more than twenty kinds of devices and each device planted in every age presents a different style, the same age species of the same device is also colorful patterns, and different regions of china bronze sculpture also vary, like blossom, colorful, and thus make the bronze sculpture with high ornamental value. From the perspective of cultural identification, will increase the difficulty of identification, identification is difficult, in turn, makes fun of appreciation richer, bronze sculpture and more attractive.

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