The infrared ip camera solution for large areas of snow

Apexis (Shenzhen) co-Lee is a professional manufacturer of Surveillance Camera, surveillance cameras, infrared Security Surveillance Camera manufacturers. Here is Xiaobian finishing Wei billion Heli on the infrared cameras to large areas of snow in some of the new solution, for reference only.
1, the use of high-quality infrared light
2, replace all the Star-level camera; If it is a little light, plus astigmatism infrared light infrared ip camera to solve the following points difficulty:

Fitted with infrared light, to re-set circuit aging; great importance to the manual problems, pay attention to the angle of the infrared light condenser; This requires the installation personnel have considerable responsibility and patience;
4, the lowest built-in ip cameras to be 0.1 illumination, or prone to snow; requiring manufacturers to purchase the necessary inputs and seriously deal with the determination
5, the general power of the infrared light of the distance of the camera is relatively large, generally use the
security ip camera built-in 220V power supply of high-quality transformer and fan
6, to use high-quality infrared lights, put an end to the power of infrared light is too dazzling or whitening phenomenon; lead to the picture is not clear or dark gray

Sense; attention to the infrared light angle and distance of but pay attention to their life;
7, to prevent astigmatism and excessive light gathering, astigmatism prone to vast expanse, and set light easy flashlight phenomenon.

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